Black Uber driver bullied online is Singapore PR who has been here for 15 years: Uber clarifies


Private-hire vehicle service facilitator Uber has clarified that the black driver captured in a viral video that circulated in several social media platforms this week is a Singapore permanent resident who has been living in Singapore for the last 15 years.

In the viral video, an unidentified customer can be heard complaining that the Uber driver does not know the direction to the customer’s destination. The black driver who spoke with a foreign accent can be heard saying that he is 60 years old during the conversation.

The customer questions the Uber driver’s credentials and disputes the driver’s claims that he had in been in Singapore for a considerable period of time. The customer suggests that the day of the incident could be the second day the Uber driver arrived in Singapore – to which the driver replies in frustration that he had been in the country for just a day.

Some netizens were so incensed by the driver who they perceived to be “stealing Singaporeans lunches” that they went on a virtual witch-hunt, exposing personal details of the driver online.

Certain prominent personalities even added fuel to the fire, like former National Solidarity Party secretary-general Lim Tean who called the hiring of a black Uber driver “outrageous and sad” and asked if “this (is) the new normal in our country where we hang up “Welcome” signs to foreigners to find work.”

Shedding more light on the bullied driver, Uber said in a statement that it will take necessary action. like deactivating the rider’s account if he is found to have violated its rules of use, in order to protect its drivers:

“We would like to confirm that the driver in the video is driving on the Uber network and is a permanent resident in Singapore.
“The driver-partner is a PR in Singapore for the last 15 years. He is integrated into our culture and society with his family and his kids attend local schools.”
“Uber believes that everyone should have the opportunity to earn and drive on the network. According to PDVL regulations, all private-hire vehicle drivers who are Singapore Permanent Residents and Foreign Work Pass holders are able to drive as long as they are employees of a company or business providing chauffeured services.
“Uber takes such incidents seriously and we will take the necessary action, including deactivating a rider’s or driver-partner’s account should this incident be found to contravene our community guidelines.
“We would like to reiterate that Uber does not discriminate in facilitating flexible earning opportunities. Uber also reaffirms Singapore’s multicultural society.”

In a xenophobic rant against black 60-year-old Uber driver, ex-NSP chief faults government policies


  1. Strange..
    If he has been residing here for 15 years, why is he not localised at all? His accent is still so strong and he made so many wrong turns in this state he calls home.
    Is this fact of him being here for 15 years accurate or not? If it is, then this guy is not even trying to belong to this place which he got a PR status for.
    15-year PR like this …. very disturbing.

    • Yes I have!! At first I was perplexed as to why the driver refused to answer my questions and did not even acknowledge my instructions. But before alighting from the cab, when I said thanks to him, he replied in mandarin, and that was when I realised he was a prc, based on his very distinct accent. He think not talk at all because he knew that his accent would give him away!
      I learnt then that the taxi jobs are no longer restricted to Singaporeans only.

    • Aiyoh… why until 15 years still PR. The government must be sleeping lor. Should have a cut off time frame so that foreigners knows that they cannot fool around in SG. But sadly, thousands out there are holding PR status just so that company can use it as quotas to get more foreigners to work here. Haisss

    • I admit that as a Singaporean, I too am uncertain of the roads in the country. I have driven in the country for almost 18-20 years yet I am still unsure of all roads. Does this make me a foreigner? Are taxi drivers, private taxi drivers, delivery drivers, dispatch riders, meals on wheels drivers, and frequent users of the roads expected to know their way about? It’s pedantic to accuse another for not knowing the routes. To put it bluntly, our first language at academic levels from elementary to the work place is English. But hey, many Singaporeans speak and write broken English. Guess there are many foreign Singaporeans among us since we cannot be exceptionally proficient in our first language. Awaiting tsunami.

    • Same here took a taxi driven by prc before…drove like a lunatic..he thinks he is in shanghai or sth can weave n out of traffic…i really prayed for my safety during the taxi ride…haiz n worse of all cant even speak english….jialat

  2. I am appalled with this incident and eager to hear what the authority has to say about this…

    Appropriately, you may just refer the subject as “African”, as that is what he is Obviously, referring him “Black” shows what a discriminatory person you are…

  3. Ministry of Manpower Minister, Mr Lim Swee Say, hello??? Why anyhow give employment pass? Is it really because Singapore got no talent for driving cars or is it because you need to fulfil Master Lee’s quota of 10 million people ?

  4. While it is true that previously the communication on population white paper was mishandled, and that the government has to create enough jobs for Singaporean (and the Ministers, Scholars and Civil Servants should be grateful for their iron rice bowl, and be sympathetic to Singaporeans), this website has been adding fuel to fire, and will one day create a situation like South Africa, where they mobbed all foreigners suspected of stealing jobs.

  5. Ah ok. That’s the talent that singapore govt is attracting ? I’m sure Singapore has really lacking of such talent. He can get PR driving Uber. Majority Singaporeans so stupid. Lol

  6. Bcos the pap bullies everybody else esp the small people, we see the bullying culture being all pervasive in a divided society.I believe it has nothing to do with the color of the person.

  7. 15yrs of PR doesn’t really means that he staying and living in SG for 15yrs.

    15yrs of driving experience and still don’t know the road of SG, which you called home, is an ashamed statement.

  8. If a foreigner live in a place for 15 years he will know the place well? I don’t think so… I have live in Hanoi for the last 8 years if I didn’t drive around, I don’t even know some of the place well… so Uber; being a 15 years PR he will know Singapore’s roads well enough ASSUMPTIONS is not correct…

  9. 人之初性本善。。。 why need to be haters ? If Singaporeans went overseas to work as UBER drivers and get this kind of shit, will everyone still react in this manner ??? He did not commit any crimes, he did not kill your family, he just work as a driver to pass time and make a living….

  10. Pr for 15 years but probably spent 6 monrhs here. There are tons of PRs who dont live here but still keep PR for benefits. Ask him how many of the 15 years were spent in spore. Why is he not a citizen. And ask yiur MP why he is a pr ?

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