Home News Billionaire Peter Lim’s son-in-law charged in court for gambling

Billionaire Peter Lim’s son-in-law charged in court for gambling

Kho Bin Kai is allegedly involved in remote online gambling along with eight other people




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The son-in-law of local billionaire Peter Lim, 29-year-old Kho Bin Kai, was charged in court last month with assisting in remote gambling.

According to a report by Shin Min Daily News, Kho facilitated remote gambling from July 15 to July 27 under the instructions of a person called “Ah Leong”.

Kho apparently issued an account number “KBT12” on a website to a man by the name of Tan Chun Yong. The account was allegedly linked to an online gambling service

According to the Chinese daily, there are another eight persons who are to be charged in the case.

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The case has been adjourned to Oct 8, as the police are doing a forensic examination of several mobile phones.

The charges against Kho have the possibility of being increased as the police are still investigating several mobile phones involved in the case, Shin Min reported.

Kho is currently out on S$25,000 bail.

He is currently involved in an education centre and an engineering business.

Xu Bingkai (also known as BK Kho), married Kim Lim, the daughter of the Singaporean billionaire and leading stockbroker in February 2017.

Kho met Lim in a temple in Thailand.

Six months later, the couple registered their marriage.

Their son Kyden Kho was born in July of 2017. -/TISG

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