Bill Ng drops bombshell on ‘evidence’ produced by FAS general-secretary Winston Lee


The Football Association of Singapore (FAS) earlier today released evidence that it was former FAS president Zainudin Nordin that had approached Hougang United chairman Bill Ng to request support for the Asean Football Federation’s (AFF) Football Management System, and that Ng agreed to donate $500,000 via Tiong Bahru FC (TBFC) after this meeting.

In producing a letter, cheques and several payment vouchers as evidence, FAS general secretary Winston Lee alleged that “Bill Ng’s statements are all patently false.”

Ng hit back at Lee late on Tuesday night (18 April) reiterating that it was Lee who met him on multiple occasions in 2014 to solicit donations and that at no point during these meetings was ‘a proposal’ ever presented.

Ng dropped a further bombshell saying that it was Lee who prepared the letter which FAS produced earlier today, and that he directed Ng to reproduce it in TBFC’s letterhead to address to Mr Zainudin, confirming the ‘request to donate’.

The following is Ng’s press release in full.

It was Winston Lee who met me on multiple occasions in 2014 to seek the donations from Tiong Bahru FC for a Football Management System to be developed for the benefit of Singapore football and ASEAN football.

At no point during these meetings was ‘a proposal’ ever presented.

What was presented by Winston Lee, however, was a letter which he had prepared, which he then directed me to reproduce using the Tiong Bahru FC letterhead to address to Mr Zainudin Nordin, confirming the ‘request to donate’.

It was in this letter that the term “AFF Football Management System” was first used. As such, all payment vouchers to the FAS thereafter by administrative staff of Tiong Bahru FC adopted this term.

I have never dealt with Mr Zainudin Nordin on the matter of the donation to fund the Football Management System at any point.

Again, and to reiterate, all discussions, and the “Request for Donation” came from Winston Lee.

When Tiong Bahru FC agreed to Winston Lee’s request for a donation, it was strictly on the basis that the money was to be used to develop a system which would benefit Singapore Football, especially our local clubs.

Winston Lee assured me that this was the case. Winston Lee and the former Council still owes the Singapore Football fraternity answers to all these questions.