“Being in a pageant is not all about the size and beauty” – Miss Singapore 2017 finalist


A Miss Singapore 2017 finalist, Kai Ling, has shared her views on the overwhelmingly negative criticism that the finalists have been subjected to ever since a group photo of them went viral.

In speaking to a Chinese daily and in a subsequent Facebook post, Kai Ling said that although she was overwhelmed to hear people calling her and her fellow finalists “ugly” or “pathetic,” she would not let such comments get the best of her or discourage her from pursuing her passion.

Revealing that her uncle’s untimely death due to cancer was what pushed her to go after her dreams despite her low self esteem, Kai Ling said that she entered the pageant despite being teased for her size in the past, before adding that she has taken the criticism thrown against her as an opportunity for improvement.

“Being a premature baby, I was really thin and small in size as compared to the people who are of the same age as me. I often get teased even before being in this pageant. So by being in this pageant, I wish to convey to these people that being in a pageant is not all about the size and beauty, it is also about the personality, confidence, courage & compassion. 
“Yes I understand that looks should be the utmost criteria in a pageant from how the society sees it, but I also believe that it is something that is very subjective & everyone will have different views/opinions about it yeah?
“Nonetheless, through this experience, I have also learnt to treat these comments as a platform to help me grow. Because with these comments, I know where I can improve myself to become a better person (Eg: To gain some weight of course)!”

"I am not what happened to me, but who I choose to become." 💪 – Carl Jung- Many of you have been asking me about the…

Posted by Kai Ling on Friday, 14 July 2017


  1. I am now wondering why are we still sending our Singapore girls to all the beauty pageants around the world when they are knock out on the first round.

  2. Unfortunately, it is my dear. Beauty Pageants are really all about looks n sizes.. u dun make the cut.. u cannot leave an impression even if you r brainy….

  3. This group of fugly beauty pageant contestants is getting more and more ridiculous with their reasons to defend their lack of looks.

    Beauty Pageant is not about beauty and size? How come i’ve never seen big size girls or the people who are really ugly being selected as finalist if that’s the case? You mean to tell me people who are fat or ugly do not have personality, confidence, courage & compassion?

    Just face it girl, you joined a public event to be judged for your looks and figures, if you are judged to be not pretty then accept it.

  4. I think we as Singaporean should learn to appreciate and encourage another. Yes, it can be that organiser looks at a commercial enterprise to host these contests but the girls going up want a chance of a lifetime while they still look youthful. It needs some bold courage to walk on stage and I hope those tat are talking so loud criticising them is even more ugly inside of them talking like this! Search your heart and thinking.

    Girls, go forward to relish your dreams!

  5. Aiyah, never mind lah. Truly, I can’t expect everyone to be as good looking as me. Hahaha. Seriously, Beauty is skin deep. It is the wholesome goodness of the women that count. Also, make up can do wonders! So, there you have it. Go for the Real, good stuff or virtues of the woman as they are enduring and satisfying. A beautiful woman? Where, where, where? But, can ‘charm siong’ or not? If the atas type then sudah lah I’d spend time reading a good book.

  6. Uh… if the judge doesn’t think highly of u, would u contestants a) beseech him to consider ur all-awesome personality; or b) tell him to look beyond ur fuck face and just concentrate on ur imaginary boobs and silky smooth pussies? I don’t think he’ll go for (a), honey bun.

  7. I think these women should just learn to shut up… that is a form of wisdom. But then again, beauty pageants are not about wisdom. Or personality. Or confidence. Or courage. Or compassion.

  8. What a ridiculous statement. Then why the fuck is it called BEAUTY pageant? Isn’t it a BEAUTY competition? Unless you’re telling me who sleeps with the judges win then its a different story… even so the judge would want to bed the most beautiful one won’t he?

  9. BEAUTY pageant IS about visual. Brains n personality that come with it is a bonus n thats when the winner is crowned. Thats the clich’e beauty with brains.

  10. Well, have seen some random articles about this… but… its a beauty pageant, if you can’t charm the audience, that means you fail.
    You wore the sash, you stood before the camera. You have no right to say “I was not ready for the shoot”, again, a failure point.
    You can’t expect to win a beauty pageant without beauty do you? Probably think you got the brains to flaunt over those silly pretty faces. But hey, they silly pretty faces are in the right place. Doesn’t that make you look stupid? (Even if you already don’t have good looks)

    There is no point defending those who are not ready to compete for victory

  11. Beauty pageant is about beauty represented by beauties from all over the world. 2nd is their brain interlect.That where the winner were chosen. Sadly our state were represented by the beauty and the brainless woman who were just embarasing during the question and answer. Even the thais and pinoy beauties standout.

  12. I know! I know! I know what she means liao… . Inner or internal beauty is it? ! …

    It is all about the internal organs…. . It is about the kidney, liver, heart, big intestines, small intestines and etc… ☺️..

  13. From what I saw, all the men who are criticising the women in the pageant here looked far more pathetic. Please remember that when you point a finger at others, 3 fingers are pointing back at yourself. Please get a mirror and reflect first. Yes, you must have beauty in a beauty pageant. But beauty is subjective. True beauty is not only external, but also internal, like one’s intelligence and other factors like confidence etc. Otherwise, prostitutes and hostesses whose beauty are only skin deep will be able to qualify for pageants. Get it? It’s not just a skin show.

  14. Hey gal don’t be naive. It does work that way. The title “world Universe” has a special meaning. Not only referring to your thoughts and feel. Lol.

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