Beer made with NEWater – Singaporeans invited to taste-test

Photo: YouTube screengrab / InsiderTV

PUB, the national water agency, has partnered with local microbrewery and restaurant, Brewerkz, to formulate the country’s very first beer made from recycled water.

This was launched yesterday, July 8, 2018, in commemoration of the 10th anniversary of global conference Singapore International Water Week (SIWW).

The name of the beer made from recycled water is NEWbrew, since it contains NEWater, the country’s brand of water that’s been recycled.

The press were given an opportunity to sample three unmarked types of beer at the launch yesterday: NEWbrew, regular beer, and Pure Water Brew, a recycled water beer from the US. The taste test’s results will be announced on Thursday, July 12, just before the conference ends.

Should any trade visitors desire to taste Singapore’s first recycled-water beer, they may do so at certain events in the conference, which include Water Expo and on Industry Night.

The Public Utilities Board will be taking note of feedback from the conference, even though there are no plans as yet to make NEWbrew commercially available.

Bernard Tan, the managing director of SIWW, announced that NEWbrew was launched to focus on the high quality and cleanliness of Singapore’s recycled water, which meet the safe water standards around the world. At the moment, NEWater is used to fill the reservoirs, and also for businesses that need ultra-clean water.

Sean McLin, the managing director and head brewer of Brewerkz, noted how honored the company is to pioneer a beer containing NEWater. He said, “The quality of NEWater is as good as it gets, and this is doubly special as the brew is crafted in celebration of SIWW’s decade of innovation and excellence in water – a key ingredient in the art of beer making.”

On its Facebook page, Brewerkz announced the launching of NEWbrew, and when the beer would be available for tasting

This prompted a variety of comments from netizens, ranging from the incredulous to the outraged