Asia Barbaric Caucasian man turns violent on patient security guard

Barbaric Caucasian man turns violent on patient security guard

Netizens express sympathy for guard and outrage against attacker.




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Singapore – On Apr 5, a video of an insolent and violent Caucasian man who beat up a polite security guard in Roxy Square was posted on news website All Singapore Stuff.

In the video, the Caucasian man is first filmed spouting profanities at the security guard who had patiently asked him to “talk nicely”. The man is also seen holding up his phone to film himself and the security guard.

The security guard also politely told the man that he would show him the way out. This only triggered the man to obstruct the guard’s path using his outstretched arms. He also dismissed the guard’s claims and mocked him while continuing to film the incident.

While walking towards another section of the carpark, the man called the security guard “an idiot” and tripped him deliberately.

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The security guard’s patience finally wore thin and when he retorted, he was punched to the ground by the man.

The video, sourced from All Singapore Stuff’s Facebook page, can be sourced here:-

After this video went viral, netizens expressed their sympathies for the security guard.

There were also pockets of netizens who used this incident to provoke the effectiveness of the legislative system and even government in Singapore.

Some racist remarks were even made.

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