Lifestyle Arts Baldwin hurt at being compared to Bieber's former girlfriends

Baldwin hurt at being compared to Bieber’s former girlfriends

She thought she could live a normal life ... but "all of that kind of went out the window"




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Justin Bieber had a string of romances before he married Hailey Baldwin. One of the more prominent relationships was with Selena Gomez. Hailey has disclosed that the past relationships have impacted her self-esteem.

On Friday (May 8), Hailey shared about it during the Facebook Live show, Live with The Biebers, according to

A fan had asked how the couple handled it when people wanted to interfere in their lives. Bieber let Hailey answer that and, without naming anyone, Hailey disclosed what it was like to be compared to his former girlfriends.

Hailey said that she had a tough time when people compared her and it made her feel less than a woman. She continued that it was not easy but that some fans wanted to convey their thoughts.

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Hailey Baldwin feels insecure about Justin Bieber’s former relationships. Picture: Instagram

The pair have been criticised by Jelena Shippers (fans who back a Bieber-Gomez relationship) but Hailey noted that the fans did not understand everything. She said that people thought they knew about Bieber and his relationships, including what happened between husband and wife but, she said, they did not know.

She added that fans then created information that they felt was true, when it really was not so. Hailey said that she had asked herself why she was going out of her way to set the record straight when it was nobody’s business and it did not matter. She added that people did not know what happened behind the scenes.

During the session, the 23-year-old said marrying Bieber, 26, put the limelight on her. She thought she could live a normal life but when she tied the knot and went to Los Angeles, “all of that kind of went out the window”.

Hailey noted that there had to be a balance for her. She did not think it was healthy to be extremely isolated but she did not want to go outside because people would follow her with cameras. So, it had been a struggle for her. /TISG


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