Bak Kwa Gone Bad


By: Obbana Rajah

A video has been circulating on WhatsApp showing opened packages of bak kwa that have all gone mouldy.

They all seem to have been bought from popular purveyor of the jerky-like meat, Bee Cheng Hiang.

The man filming the video, whose gripe is how the bak kwa has all gone mouldy, was promised that it would last the journey from KSL City mall in Johor Bahru, to Ipoh, Malaysia.

The video goes on for almost 3 minutes, where the man and a woman – presumably his wife – proceeds to open another sealed package of bak kwa, only to find that the second one was mouldy as well.

He then goes on to rant about how it was purchased for his mother and mother-in-law, but upon finding its terrible quality explained that he would not be able to gift it to either of them. This salty-sweet dried meat is often eaten during the Chinese New Year.

Upon heading back to KSL City Mall in search of the seller and not being able to find him, the man concludes the expletive-filled video angrily ranting. He claimed that the seller even assured him that there would be no need to refrigerate the bak kwa as it would be able to last the journey.

As there is no Bee Cheng Hiang outlet at KSL City mall, it is unclear as to where the man purchased the bak kwa.

Disclaimer: Expletive-filled video


  1. Malaysian mandarin really sounds funny. Great entertainer with his expletive laden youtube posting. Unfortunately, cannot see his cb face otherwise more exciting to see his fuming face all over a few dollars worth of bak kwa. I like to tell this asshole, you win some, you lose some. Move on.

    • Evidently, you’ve not bought Bak Kwa before. Not to burst your ignorant bubbles, but a kg of Bee Cheng Hiang pork bak kwa would have cost S$53, and two packs more than a hundred. Unfortunately, keyboard warriors doesn’t like to show their faces, or else it would be great to see your ignorant face enlightened by this basic piece of information.

  2. Not surprised at all. The same thing happened when an in-law gifted my mum with a packet of BCH bak kua – it was completely filled with greenish mould.

    The mould growth is very likely caused by BCH pre-packing the bak kua well ahead anticipating the high demand during the CNY period. The typical practice of wrapping the bak kua in newsprint is not sterile in spite of its appearance. Another factor is that the bak kua was packed before it had completely cooled resulting in moisture retention which would encourage mould growth.

    The safest way is not to buy pre-wrapped bak kua. My guess is that the victim must have bought the bak kua already pre-wrapped.