Badass woman strikes a pose after being caught illegally putting up ads, cheekily says: “Catch me if you dare”


A woman who was caught illegally putting up advertisements promoting a moneylender at Block 211 Boon Lay Place was unfazed when she was confronted by concerned residents.

According to the Chinese daily, 57-year-old Mr Li was on his way home after a meal when saw the woman pasting notices in his neighbourhood around 1.30pm on Monday (23 Oct):

“I saw her put up advertisements on each of the pillars. After placing up each notice, she would take a photo. I believe she was taking the photos so she can send them to her employer.

“She was blatantly vandalising public property, so I used my phone to record a video of her actions and asked her to take the notices down.”

Undaunted, the woman continued putting up the advertisements. When she saw that Mr Li was recording her, she struck a cheeky pose and retorted:

“Catch me if you dare.”

When Mr Li pressed her for her name, the woman coolly responded that her name was “Tan Ah Kau.” She ignored Mr Li when he tried to get her real name.

The enraged Mr Li told the Chinese daily:

“She was doing this in broad daylight. What’s to stop her from placing these advertisements on our doors directly the next time?”

Putting advertisements on areas like block pillars is illegal, according to the Land Transport Authority (LTA):

“Getting rid of illegal advertisements on our street infrastructure requires additional time and resources. Besides marring our streetscape, those who paste such advertisements are also committing an offence.”

Wah piang… This woman like to act cute ???????????? – AM LoongSingapore Police Force

Posted by SBS – Sure Boh Singapore on Monday, 23 October 2017


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