Aunty who refuses to return misplaced phone caught on camera


Facebook user Sharmaine Yeo has appealed for information on a woman who has been captured through a mobile security app trying to unlock her misplaced phone.

Sharmaine lost her Samsung Galaxy S7 Edge at the fourth level of Tampines One Mall on Wednesday afternoon. She apparently looked for and then called her number for about 8 times but no one picked up. When she called twice again, she found that her phone had been switched off.

She then received an email from McAfee Mobile Security that someone unsuccessfully tried to unlock her phone. The email included a photo of the woman who had possession of the phone.

“I hope people can help me to share around so this aunty shown in the picture can return the phone back to me soonest possible. Will make police report in a week time if there’s still no news yet.”

On 12 July 2017 at about 12:20pm, I misplaced my phone (Samsung Galaxy S7Edge) at Level 4 Tampines One Mall. I tried…

Posted by Sharmaine Yew on Friday, 14 July 2017


  1. Someone already suggested this was done in a changing room of one of the stores at that shopping centre moments after the phone was “lifted”… quick report police so they can retrieve cctv footage.

  2. Say good bye to your phone. After 1 week your phone probably already sold off by auntie. I return a S7 note I found inside a toilet at a mall previously. Tht guy want to give me $50. I didn’t take, I told him if he found someone else’s phone or mine in future, I would hope u return me back. Lol. Don’t look back, u need to move on and take it as a lesson learn.

  3. What are you waiting for? Making police report and informing them is the very first action you should take. Police is efficient enough to help its people.
    One one week or 365 allowance won’t help but add in more to your misery.

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