Asia Malaysia At this rate you may also see me in sex tapes, says...

At this rate you may also see me in sex tapes, says Mahathir




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Malaysian Prime Minister Tun Dr Mahathir Mohamad believes he will also appear in sex videos after a series of videos allegedly showing a Cabinet Minister engaging in gay sex with another man went viral.

Dr Mahathir defended his Economic Affairs Minister Azmin Ali whom he believes is the victim of a smear campaign, saying nowadays one can produce such pictures (videos).

Speaking on the videos circulating on social media, the Prime Minister says, “It is not true because nowadays anyone can make these pictures if you are clever enough.

“One day you may see my picture also like that,” says Dr Mahathir with a quirky smile on his face, adding, “It will be hilarious.”

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Dr Mahathir categorically dismissed allegations a minister is in the sex tapes. He asked reporters whether they believe in the videos.

“It’s not possible that people can believe in such stupid things. Azmin was with us today, we had the Cabinet meeting and he was there as per normal.

The PM also says this kind of gutter politics and people with a dirty political agenda has to stop in Malaysia.

“This is very dirty. If they cannot fight us, you cannot win against us don’t do these dirty things. Keep politics a bit cleaner lah and this stop in Malaysia” says Dr M to the media.

He lambasted the man who ‘confessed’ that he is the person with the minister in the sex tapes saying this ‘boy’ has no shame.

Four sex videos sent on Whatsapp to various groups created by unknown users in Malaysia went viral on Tuesday. The groups added journalists from several media outlets.

Azmin Ali broke the silence yesterday with a media statement in which he claims the videos were part of a character assassination attempt against his person to end his political career.

Rumours has it Azmin is in a tussle with Anwar Ibrahim, the PM to be, but Anwar says he thought such tapes were behind him and his party members.

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