Astonishing amount of Jewellery, cash and luxury goods seized from Najib-linked houses

Picture Credit: Video grab of police with seized items from one of Najib's luxury appartment

It is an ASTONISHING haul!

Seventy-two bags of cash and jewellery as well as 284 boxes of high-end designer handbags.

Reportedly more than RM500k seized in cash seized.

And these make up the long list of items seized by the police from two condominium units linked to ex-PM Najib Razak.

These units are in the upmarket Pavillion Residence in Kuala Lumpur.

Netizens are in awe at the haul at the amount of hand bangs seized. From Chanel to Cucci, Oscar De La Renta and Versace you name it.

The hand bags are made of snake skins, leather, satin or they have embroidery.

Federal Commercial Crime Investigation Department (CCID) director Comm Amar Singh, who led the raids at Pavilion Residences here said this was part of its investigations into 1MDB, The Star reported.

There were just too many items and cash seized that the police said it was impossible for police to estimate the value.

Comm Amar Singh said the designer handbags were of various brands including Louis Vuitton and Birkin bags from Hermes.

He also said the 1MDB investigations are being carried out by Bukit Aman CCID.

He also said that the apartment was not owned by Najib but a “Tan Sri”.

Comm Amar said the task force also seized documents connected to 1MDB from the Prime Minister’s Office on Wednesday (May 16).

He also said police is still working on a safe found at Najib’s residence at Taman Duta, adding that work to crack it was still ongoing.