ASAS Chairman is member of gay-hate Facebook group

Tan Sze Wee's FB

It was recently reported that the Advertising Standards Authority of Singapore (ASAS) advised Cathay theatres to remove the statement “Supporting the freedom to love” from an advertisement for Pink Dot, displayed on an escalator in its Cineleisure shopping mall.

Award-winning novelist, Ovidia Yu, said in her Facebook that when she called ASAS to ask about the advisory to Cathay, she was told that the ASAS chairman has the final say on making decisions in matters such as this.

I phoned ASAS to ask who had made the decision to demand Cathay remove their banner, given it does not violate any of…

Posted by Ovidia Yu on Thursday, 8 June 2017

Ovidia Yu revealed that The ASAS Chairman, Tan Sze Wee, is a member of Barker Road Methodist Church. Mr Tan is the executive director of A*STAR’s Science and Engineering Council. His bio on A*STAR states that he volunteers with the Young Men’s Christian Association’s local chapter.

A search in the Facebook group ‘We Are Against Pink Dot in Singapore’ (WAAPD) shows that Mr Tan is also a member of this group.

The group is the one which first raised objections to the theatre-chain displaying the advertisement.


    • must hv better ways to handle & rebut every sensitive issue?. there is time for everything. no point rushing lah. eg. one does not force a foetus out when it is not time yet?

  1. Just because you don’t agree with the LGBT movement, doesn’t make you a hater. If you want people to respect your lifestyle, then learn to respect the lifestyle of others.
    Get your headline right and stop sensationalizing

  2. *****
    If ASAS is a govt agency, does it mean this govt essentially endorse abuse of power by its cronies for self-interest? Got Law Minister last time said “unlawful activities” hor..

  3. Screw this gay love BS, go fuck ass all you want but stop trying to politicise every damn issue, this only gives the PAP and the supporters a chance to say that this kind of petty stuff is all opposition supporters is capable of. It’s no wonder the Oppositions is unable to gain grounds on the incumbent.

  4. I like a couple of gay news page which spews hate against those that disagree with their lifestyle. The purpose is to get fast and furious news from the other side. Does that make me one of them ?


  5. I hope no one is suggesting that the ASAS chairman can’t be a christian or be against pink dot. If so, then he should also not be religious or supportive of pink dot – might as well be a robot devoid of convictions or beliefs.

    If his intention was to use his position to go against pink dot, why even allow the banner to remain at all?

    Where is the spirit of give and take when you can’t even compromise on an amendment. No. Unless compelled by law, Pink dot wants to be able to do fully as it pleases without regard to how others may feel about their actions.

    It seems when people are vocal against them, they must be the vocal minority.

  6. Riduwan and others… WAAPD is a hate group because it repeatedly posts harmful lies about LGBT people. It’s not like the group is politely disagreeing, it frequently spews obvious discrimination from dubious sources. The group has several ex-leaders and members in jail or that have been found guilty of hate crimes. The group and its members is under investigation by the police.

  7. What is so harmful about the advertisement which the bigots find so offensive. Are LGBT people not fellow human beings entitled to advertise an event which we are holding. Do these bigots expect us to be invisible, to return to the closet, perhaps. Who are they to dictate what is within our rights as human beings and Children of the Singaporean Soil to publicize our annual event.

  8. There are scientific medical health hazards for disagreeing with the mainstreaming of homosexuality.

    For example

    According to the CDC:

    1)Gay and bisexual men are estimated at 2% of the population but account for 55% of the people living with HIV.

    2)From 2005-2014, HIV diagnosis decreased 19% overall but increased 6% among gay and bisexual men

    3) Teen gay and bisexual men account for around 92% of new HIV diagnosis.

    4)A 2016 analysis estimated that there are nearly 4.5 million gay and bisexual men and in the USA and 15% are HIV positive.

    5) Gay and bisexual men are 40-44 times more likely to get HIV than other men

    6)Gay and bisexual men are at increased risk for other STDS including Syphilis, Gonorrhea and Chlamydia including the emergence of antimicrobial resistance when compared to women or exclusively heterosexual men.

    7)In 2014, gay and bisexual men accounted for 83% of primary and secondary syphilis infections.

    8)Gay, bisexual men are 106 times more likely than other men to get syphilis and 168 times more likely than women.

    9)The Human Papilloma Virus,(HPV) the most common STD is a concern for gay,bisexual men, they can cause genital warts and anal warts, some HPV cause anal cancer- Gay and bisexual men are 17 times more likely than heterosexual men to get anal cancer.

    10) Gay and bisexual men are more likely than the general adult population to get Shigella and are also more likely to get the antibiotic resistant strain which requires injectable antibiotics to treat.

    11) Gay and bisexual men have a higher chance than the general population to get viral hepatitis including Hepatitis A,B & C- Gay and bisexual man accounted for 10% of new Hepatitis A cases and 20% of new Hepatitis B while being about 2% of the population.

    12)Gay and bisexual men are at greater risk for major depression, bipolar disorder, generalized anxiety disorder, illegal drug use and are more likely to attempt suicide and succeed at it. The CDC notes that “homophobia” and stigma “CAN” have negative effects on their health or “MAY” lead to poorer mental health.

    13) Gay and bisexual men have a greater number of lifetime sexual partners which is a factor to why they have higher rates of HIV and STDs.

    14) Gays, Bisexuals and lesbians are at increased risk for sexual violence and stalking by a sexual partner.

    “This report suggests that lesbians, gay men and bisexuals suffer a heavy toll of sexual violence and stalking committed by an intimate partner” – CDC Director Tom Frieden

    • 1. If gays are a higher risk to sexual diseases compared to straights, there are also straight men who engage in unprotected sex with various partners, let alone adultery. So isn’t it a case of 50 steps laughing at 100 steps? Sex should be done in a responsible way regardless of sexual orientation, so it is the individual’s responsibility and the answer lies in sex education.

      2. And what does the high risk of STD have to do with Pink Dot event? Does stopping Pink Dot means stopping gay sex or STDs? It’s like saying that developing countries have much higher rates of HIV, therefore they should stop having sex and they should not be the mainstream in the United Nations.

      3. I refer to a website you quoted.
      “However, ongoing homophobia, stigma (negative and usually unfair beliefs), and discrimination (unfairly treating a person or group of people) can have negative effects on your health.”

      Another website you quoted is
      “Other factors that can negatively impact your health and ability to receive appropriate care:
      Stigma (negative and usually unfair beliefs);
      Discrimination (unfairly treating a person or group of people differently);
      Lack of access to culturally- and orientation-appropriate medical and support services;
      Heightened concerns about confidentiality;
      Fear of losing your job;
      Fear of talking about your sexual practices or orientation.”

      So there you see, stigmatising homosexuals is one of the reasons for bad mental health among them.

      4. One more website you quoted:
      “Other key findings include: The majority of women who reported experiencing sexual violence, regardless of their sexual orientation, reported that they were victimised by male perpetrators.”

      So what has this to do with homosexuality? Doesn’t the problem lie with the male individuals who have problems with their emotional quotient? Does it justify putting a whole community in negative light? I have both gay and straight friends and I do not assume that the vast majority of homosexuals are high STD potentials. Compare this. Just because most of the drug addicts arrested are Malays does not mean most Malays are drug addicts. Just because most crimes here are committed by Chinese means Chinese are mostly assholes.

      Whether homosexuality is mainstreamed or not is not going to change the nature of homosexuality. Sweeping it under the carpet is akin to the common saying of an ostrich putting its head in the sand. Homophobes should first educate themselves what the nature of homosexuality is all about before jumping to wrong conclusions.

  9. Being against Pinkdot is one thing. Pressuring the govt to accede to your cause against the LGBT is another. I think this latest action is only fair given the additional restrictions against foreigners attending the event. Which didnt happen last and previous years. Now tell me who made the first move?

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