As Singapore slumps to lowest ever FIFA world rankings Stange lashes out at Sundram for ‘disastrous’ results

According to the latest table published on 16 October, the Singapore national football team has slumped to its lowest-ever position in FIFA’s world rankings. Singapore dropped from their ranking of 162 to 173 on the back of their defeat to Turkmenistan in an Asian Cup qualifier tie and Qatar in an international friendly.

Former national coach Bernd Stange has placed Singapore’s disastrous results squarely at the feet of national coach V Sundramoorthy. Commenting on Football Association of Singapore’s (FAS) Facebook page, Stange charged that Sundram changed the national team’s younger players with older ones; and switched from attacking football, which Stange advocated, to an ultra-defensive game.

He blamed the FAS for allowing Sundram to do it, and added that the Singapore Government had no desire to develop professional football here.


Since landing being appointed as a national coach in May last year, V Sundramoorthy’s players have yet to secure a win since beating Cambodia 1-0 in a friendly back in November 2016.

Soon after his friend’s success at the polls Sundram lands a dream job

Meanwhile the president of the FAS, Lim Kia Tong, has come out in support of his national team. In a statement released on 20 October, Mr Lim said: “the National Team’s performances have been improving, although the results might not have gone their way.”

Social media commenters have slammed Mr Lim’s comments and pointed out that they were uncannily similar to that made by Transport Minister Khaw Boon Wan and SMRT CEO Desmond Kuek. In the midst of major train disruptions, both have pointed to official data to suggest that the reliability of the MRT system has improved threefold in the past two years.


The national team (referred to as the Lions in the local soccer scene), are behind our arch-rivals from across the Causeway. The Malaysian side are ranked at 170, while footballing minnows like Laos (162), Cambodia (170) and St. Vincent and the Grenadines (172), rank ahead of both countries.


  1. Whoever it may be, Sundram or Lange or Strang or Strange no ONE can beat.The outstanding, our late Mr. CHOO SENG QUEE – He never talk big, no nonsense towards the team, So you have it – today’s team no PURE DISCIPLINE .

  2. Another case of the infamous logic, more breakdown equals to better efficiency. FAS copied this and come up with ranking slip to the lowest but yet the national soccer team is improving!!! Where all these clowns come from??!!! Tmr go tell your boss less work equals to better profit and see what your boss do to you!!! Useless and yet think highly of themselves, with the whites governing this nation there is no where to go but down!!!!

  3. To be successful in professional sports in Singapore….
    1st- spend your own money
    2nd- train yourself
    3rd- Don’t even think about government help
    4th- Be prepare to pay back to government when u r successful even they did not help you
    5th- lots and lots and lots of passion on the sports even the government’s never bother.
    8th-….. add on as you wish.

  4. Sundram started to take over when the team already going downhill.
    Need not to echo who is the culprit who earns much higher salary than the local but cannot delivered!

  5. Spore Govt only wants to spend money on business deals with China’s Chinese, and make them buy more properties from Singapore (leading to increase in prices in Singapore), and import more China’s workers into Singapore. Look around us, we see more China’s import spitting, urinating and shitting (literally) everywhere in Singapore nowadays.

  6. tot our gahmen asspert at shifting goalpost… haha. Can suka suka change the rules and format of the game to suit our SG team playing ‘style’… or whatever that is… like that maybe can qualify for group stage WC…

  7. Dont worry. Sooner they will treats this as an excuse to import chinese player to play for Stinkapore. Too many malays represented and less chinese and Indian. So will import more to becomes stinkapore citizens. Tiok bo?

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