Home News Arrested: Woman believed to be mother of abandoned newborn

Arrested: Woman believed to be mother of abandoned newborn

Baby was found in recycling bin in private estate near Upper Paya Lebar Road




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Singapore — The police have arrested a woman believed to be the mother of a newborn baby found abandoned in Tai Keng Gardens, a private estate near Upper Paya Lebar Road, on Monday evening (July 27).

The 29-year-old Indonesian woman, who was identified through CCTV footage, was arrested on Wednesday (July 29).

According to channelnewsasia.com (CNA), the police issued the following statement: “Through extensive ground investigations and with the aid of images from CCTV footage provided by residents, officers from the Ang Mo Kio Police Division established the identity of the woman, who is believed to have abandoned the baby.”

The suspect faces charges in court on Thursday (July 30) of exposure and abandonment of a child under 12 years old. She may be jailed for up to seven years, or fined, or both, if she is found guilty.

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CNA reports that the identity of the baby’s father has yet to be determined.

The police statement added: “The police would like to express our appreciation to the members of the community who provided valuable information which aided investigations and contributed to the arrest.”

How the baby was found

On Monday, the police had received a call for help regarding the child at 7.46 pm. Paramedics who rushed to the scene found the baby, a boy, to be apparently unhurt. He was taken to the KK Women’s and Children’s Hospital.

Residents said they had heard cries in the area before the baby was found.

A man, who wanted to be identified only as Mr Lew, told The Straits Times that his son-in-law found the baby after the family had finished dinner.

Mr Lew said: “He heard a strange noise coming from the recycling bin and asked some of us for help to check it out. No one dared to open the bin because they thought it might be a cat or a dog, so they called me for help.”

When he lifted the cover of the bin, he realised that it was a baby. It was newborn child wrapped in a towel inside some paper bags. He immediately called the police.

Mr Lew added: “We tried to carry it out using the bags, but it was ripping apart at the bottom. So we tilted the bin, and carried him out.”

Mr Lew and his family members removed the towel covering the baby’s face. This helped him to breathe better.

Mr Lew said the baby cried loudly at that point but quietened a bit when his wife comforted him.

They took care of the boy until the ambulance arrived to take him to the KK Women’s and Children’s Hospital.

The police remained in Tai Keng Gardens and officers were seen interviewing residents until nearly 10 pm.

The police are continuing their investigations into the case. /TISG

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