Are the 70% Daft?


by Augustine Low

It is said time and again that 70% of Singaporeans are daft or stupid – the 70% who invariably vote for the PAP. This daft label presumably comes from among the 30% who form the anti-PAP/pro-Opposition camp, probably out of anger or frustration, or a bit of both.

In reality, we can’t possibly paint with broad brush strokes and pin a damning label on such a big group. If people vote for the PAP for self-serving reasons, because they have done well and benefited from the system, can we really say they are daft?

There are those who, while not exactly endowed with riches, are contented to have a roof over their heads and a decent job. So they are thankful for small mercies and why rock the boat?

Do not be surprised also at the sheer numbers of those who have been conditioned to think that the PAP has made all things possible and is indispensible. So again, why take a gamble?

As for new citizens, they have every reason to go with the government of the day that has extended to them the hand of hospitality, in a land of plenty compared to where they came from.

I believe there is another sizeable group among the 70%, the ones I would term the buat bodoh – Malay for faking ignorance. The buat bodoh just want to carry on their blissful existence, they choose to see no evil, hear no evil. They are on auto pilot, taking the easy way out and the path of least resistance by sticking with the PAP.

And the PAP knows too well the above categories of Singaporeans – they pander to them with their promises, assurances and fear mongering. In particular the idea that there could be a freak election result and Singaporeans could wake up and find the PAP no more in power. This works like magic each and every time.

It is too smug of some of those in the 30% to think they know best. If they attack everything and everybody in sight, then they come across as unhinged attack dogs and this ruffles the feathers of the 70%. In fact, the PAP would be more wary if the 30% becomes more restrained, disciplined and focused. Not everything is down in the dumps, not every man and woman in white  deserves condemnation.

The 70% are not daft – just that their fears are easily stoked (and the PAP knows it) and they are prone to taking the path of least resistance, and the path of low risk and high self-interest.


  1. Not rocking the boat is one thing. The frog getting slow boiled is another. When things finally fall apart there might even be more misery and tragedy. I don’t understand how sinkies allow themselves to get threatened and ransomed when it is their monies which are paid as taxes and it’s their own country. The government is nothing more than a trustee and supposed trusted custodian but now ended up the master become the servant. Take charge and stand up for ourselves already. For the ridiculous millions in salaries we are paying surely this cannot be the best this country can produce…..

    • Agree!

      And , lately many untoward incidences relating to high cost of living , class divide , unfair distribution of country wealth (extremely high cost of gov.) , corrupted businesses -gov/private, thwarted laws, silencing of civil group , flawed immigration policy, etc…….
      is cause for concerns and the 70% just cannot be so voluntarily oblivious to these undesirable happenings in the country! or do they ?

      Not wanting to rock the boat as an excuse not wanting to change !? What’s if the boat is no more there or has changed direction???

      The late LKY set out to build a country providing good care for her people during the pioneer days but as of late it appears there is a shift in this focus to the building if ones’ own wealth as the priority in the running of the country!

  2. They are beyond daft, they simply do not care whether their children and grandchildren will be able to afford million dollar 99 year lease flats in future nor do they care if they can afford to live comfortably without having to slog like cows.

  3. This was the brilliant mind control of the pervious administration and it has filigreed into generations. When you control your citizens minimum salaries and you have power over the people so they have to keep quiet and don’t rock anything in order to live. That’s the brilliance’s of mind control. So citizens become lackadaisical in there thoughts no concern of there fellow neighbours or future generations. The rich they get richer of course No concern at all for the less fortunate. Classic example , even his own sibling can just pack up and go. So this is the future of Singaporeans.

  4. So when can we see some creditabe opposition who will put up an idea how to reducing housing price without having to increase tax. How to spend more on medical with having to increase tax, How to increase export and manufacturing without Foreign worker ans how to have investment without foreign investment. are these needed for the opposition also to run this country. I am encourage that WP question the goverment without have to make an accusation or asking people to resign where there is no result yet. This is a good move and I am sure the 70% will also see it.

    • Why do you want a credible opposition,when we have the ‘mavericks’ on the helm?You doubt they can the job?How is foreign workers = to foreign investment?People should resign if they fail to produce,how difficult is that to understand?I encourage you as a citizen to give some tips,the opposition is not in power,are you in Singapore?You need to get used to making,credible,fair and intelligent comments,have you any difficulty with that?

    • Take one example. never complain about the construction workers, or foreign engineer for housing. So in the name of morden technology, there are going to do this pre-cast shit. what actuall happen is that all the dirty work is bing push to produce in Malaysia and we kept the workers and engineer here to the lowest possible. But what happen is that precast cost more, they need heavier machinery , the need transportation to ferry from Johor to Singapore. in the end the cost is estimated to be 25 to 30% higher.who is going to bear this increase. not the goverment, we freaking complain and ask for it. so the goverment give to us with a price. Of course WP ha snot brought it up in Parliment because I dont think the increase has started.

    • My opinion is: it is not wrong to take care of our self first. If we cant do that , lets not talk about future generation and generation to come. Lets not kid ourself and say the opposition can be the next goverment soon. Even WP dare not say that. It is one thing to rais eour hands and say oppose but can we cope with the situation when PAP is not the goverment. Not in the next 20 to 30 years I think. This little country is running on overtime given our dependent on other country to trade. Soon the trade will tie down as the cost is just to high to maintain here. Then what?? For me as an elderly,even my salary is not subsidized , i woul dhave lost my job already. So tell me , how do rock the boat?

    • I dont think its so much who align who. Its called survival. If I cannot take care of my own family, i do not need to talk about others. No body knows the future. Maybe it is anticipated that own next generation will be not even afford a house. But who knows. Politics win votes with plenty of promise. But can they deliver. Put a WP candidate or Tambiah in my ward and my votes goes to them. Other than that no opposition has been interested in my area.

  5. The 70% want familiarity and that’s how they build their wealth for generations to come.

    So if the 30% are rocking the boat, what are they doing differently? How much have they gambled on their children’s future?

    Are they children not studying in schools, not using electricity and not living with a roof over their heads?

    All I see are they talking about wanting change while doing what everyone else is doing!

    • Michael G R Lum obviously you’re not aware of how the PAP works nor are you actively involved in promoting citizen’s rights and their fight against a corrupted regime who abused its citizens by all means like tweaking our constitutional rights to protecting themselves and suppressing our voices…

      Are you aware that the board in Hong Lim Park that states the rules and regulations of use of our only venue to protest (it’s just ridiculous to begin with that a protest should be restricted to only 1 venue), and our constitutional rights to protest had been covered up (muffled) with a board after that incident to prevent the public from pointing them out to the corrupted administration of the authorities..?

      Are you also aware that the participants must submit their plans and speeches for use of the park and the PA had rejected our applications for use of is facility at a public venue several times and diverted our applications to NPark who together with the gangsters from ISD harassed and deterred the people from rightful protests..?

      Never before had 2 events been granted to access of the park at the same time to avoid clashes and yet when the PA event which was slotted to begin in the morning to end before the next event for the CPF protest was deliberately delayed and extended to disrupt the protest with their people disconnecting the loudspeakers’ lines to muffle our voices… these are all deliberately carried out to disrupt and discourage the people from rightful protests… time to wake up..!

      CPF is our money which the government had borrowed (with very low interest returns) from the people to build our country… not as claimed by some corrupted parliamentarian that it’s not our money..! We had been promised that our life’s savings be returned in full with a 6% interest (reduced to 2%) and lump sum upon retirement at 55 but that promise has been broken… our retirement age extended… our loan to the government is returned to us by monthly installments and finally we may not even get to see our entire life’s savings in our hands…

      The protests are not without cause… look at the recent spate of corruptions uncovered and fixing of the opposition parties… our country and people are being taken for a ride in a sinking boat and everybody is busy bailing water… not realising that the captain and his officers are crooks…

    • Henry Cheong would you be willing to sacrifice for your cause? Kinda like JBJ did despite being bankrupted twice. That’s called sticking to your beliefs and principles in the fight to be heard.

      Be mindful, those in power will always use it. It has been like this since time began. Shouldn’t you be more prepared then if you want to fight for your cause.

      So changing of the constitution and all, it’s happening around the globe. Our govt is not doing something unique.

      At least you guys have one venue to protest rather than having none and it’ll be look upon as a ‘riot’ and handled like one.

      If CPF is all most people have at retirement and solely dependent on it then that’s a sign those people can’t manage even their own money.
      So in the event, more than a handful squandered their CPF at 55 or at the original retirement age, who is gonna feed them till the day they die? Certainly not taxpayers coz why should the rest feed those who are irresponsible even to themselves.

      Singapore never claimed there are zero corruption. It is just the lowest compared to those countries who are in the same pot. Besides corruption is not something that can be stopped by a law or two. It is basic human nature to be greedy. How do you stop human nature?

      If you so strongly believe the captain and his officers are crooks, why no one expose them with concrete facts?
      The reason most Singaporeans do not buy the corrupted govt story because there is a lack of evidence.
      What you read in the papers and social media are what is willing to be made known. And all the keyboard warriors have provided are assumptions, hearsay and conspiracy theories.

      So I ask again, how far and how much are you willing to sacrifice for your cause? Would anyone be willing to stake their everything to expose the lies?
      If only JBJ is still alive and more Singaporeans get into the same boat with him and fight for their cause to the point of bankruptcy, maybe then the majority will believe.

      P.S. I’m not defending the govt. I’m asking questions instead of just believing without questioning or simply being misguided to oppose for the sake of it.

    • Michael G R Lum I was there at Hong Lim. Most of the space was taken by the PA event so some conflict was inevitable. It looks like it was intentional of PA holding the event there. As for corruption, KOM’s case is a perfect example of corruption being tolerated. I can debate with you for the next 10 years but just look at the facts that HAVE been revealed. What else do we not know? CCS as PM? We may be alright NOW, but 10 years later? Put all the current issues together and do you still see progress in the years ahead? If Singapore sinks, there is no one to blame except for the majority who continues to accept PAP versions of events in spite of signs that many things are not right. You don’t have to agree with me. Just sieve the facts from propaganda, PR statements, verify, see the trends, think – like a jigsaw puzzle. Then draw your own conclusions. My conclusion – the rot has already set in deep, will eventually surface and may be too late. As the disclaimer goes “past performance is no indication of future results” or ‘at your own risk’ in layman terms.

    • Andrew Koh so we vote for the oppositions and hold our breath and cross our fingers everything isn’t gonna go kaput anyway?

      As for the PA event and the protest, if the conflict is restricted to noise then sure it’s unavoidable.

      But the truth is, the protestors behaved childishly marching through the PA event and in the process created unnecessary anxiety to the participants.
      It is exactly this kind of childish behavior and mentality why they didn’t get the support of the masses and they failed to deliver a msg even if there are any truth in it.

    • Andrew Koh perhaps if Singapore sink, the 30% are just as much to blame for just complaining and not doing anything concrete.

      Talks of voting out the govt, who will be govt!? WP don’t have enough people to even fill a cabinet, let alone the experience and know how to run a country!
      SDP is all about one man and RP has a guy with a crazy conspiracy theory whirling in his head with no basis of truth.

      Like I said, if Singapore sink, it will be everyone’s problem and fault!

  6. yes. frog in well concept, fear, never look the realm of singapore. Most got trapped in the Sporean system of hdb, cpf, and even investment of condo, many times i hear folks say they fear changes, would affect their cpf, hdb, and condo, children prospect working in govt sector etc…but they never look beyond the logic of policies and implications or simply dun wanna to understand the implications of each policies on themselves over long run.

  7. It seems many thought that post LKY is same as LKY era and that accounts for the 70%. Not anymore as many have realised that in the post LKY everything is different. The capabilities of the leaders are below par. Relationship and contacts are more important than meritocracy when comes to appointment. The government has no genuine concern for its people. It is down falling all the way.

  8. This putative 70/30 ratio would bid fair to come down to say 60/40 or even lower for the numerator, come next election — that’s my prediction. But as it is, this deeply entrenched, in-your-face political machinery is simply just too overpowering to be supplanted in any significant degree; only when the ‘getai’ and the ‘hungry-ghost’ demographic passes and/or has transitioned into a fully Internet-smitten generation, will the local political landscape ever be expected to differ drastically from that of today’s.