Featured News Apparently, PM Lee’s salary is not S$4.5 million a year

Apparently, PM Lee’s salary is not S$4.5 million a year




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It’s actually S$2.2 million, and that includes bonuses.

According to Factually – an official Government website that aims to clarify public misconceptions on policies matters of the nation – two pieces of online falsehoods are that “the government is not upfront about how ministerial salaries are calculated”, and that “our Prime Minister is being paid $2.2 million a year as a base salary, not including bonuses. His total salary is $4.5 million”.

Photo: Gov.sg/factually

An article published on September 16 responded to “inaccurate reports about ministerial salaries circulating in recent weeks”.

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It added that the way in which Ministerial salaries are calculated, with its components, can be seen in a White Paper, which was tabled in Parliament in 2012.

The website Factually also explained that the MR4 Minister’s annual salary of $1.1 million includes bonuses. If the minister doesn’t do well – and if the economy doesn’t do well – he may receive a salary below $1.1 million.

“The Prime Minister’s norm salary is set at two times that of an MR4 Minister. His $2.2 million annual salary includes bonuses. The Prime Minister does not receive a Performance Bonus as there is no one to assess his performance annually. He does receive the National Bonus.”

After the release of these pieces of information, many took to social media to express outrage.






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