Anwar’s attacker in jail appointed peacemaker in Thailand’s restive province

This is the man who is accused of beating Anwar Ibrahim in jail in 1998, leaving lying haplessly on the prison floor without any medical help for days. The man is Tan Sri Abdul Rahim Mohd Noor, and he is now a peacemaker.

He is supposed to be the Malaysian representative in talks in Thailand with the local authorities with the aim to bring peace to the southern Thai region.

But netizens are saying the Thai counterparts will have to wear masks in order to fend-off Mr Abdul Rahim’s boxing skills, or else they risk getting black eyes too.

The appointment of the rogue police chief has also irked the daughter of Anwar Ibrahim, Nurul Izzah Anwar, who is also a reformasi campaigner in Malaysia.

Here’s the tweet by Nurul Izzah:

Damn right, the man himself showed his surprise.

Speaking to Bernama, the Malaysian fifth IGP who served from 1994 to 1999 said that he was surprised to receive the appointment letter.

He promised he will ensure success in the mission.

Netizens are teasing him saying he will have to use his fist to get that success, given that the previous government’s rep managed to get little progress in the murky waters of the Thai-Muslim revolt in Pattani and in the southern region.

Here are some of the funniest tweets found on the post by Nurul Izzah: