Another whole row of flags are upside down in run up to National Day


Another photo of upside down Singapore flags has been circulating online in the run-up to National Day 2017. This time, an entire row of flags are hoisted upside down outside Aqua-Nautics Pte Ltd in Sembawang.

The reaction from netizens has been merciless:

The blunder comes two weeks after a photo showing foreign workers planting an upside down flag went viral. The workers were likely employed by the Executive Committee organising the National Day Parade this year.

The display of the Singapore Flag is subject to about 40 rules, according to Singapore Statutes. Rules state that the Singapore flag must only be displayed upside down only as a sign of distress. Since it is a reflection of the nation’s ideals, beliefs and values, it is to be be treated with dignity and honour at all times.

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  1. mrt can breakdown for 7 hours and main media propaganda quote people saying they didnt feel wait was too long. this is alice in wonderland logic nowadays – flags upside down? we learn from it and move on. as long as it doesnt cost money for free bangla labour upside down also never mind..

  2. Sembawang GRC under 2 Ministers leh… notably the Co-Ordinating Minister of Infrastructure KBW…. I tot the govt did send out newsletters to everyone ahead of National Day on how to put up National Flag properly?

  3. Now nobody at my block facing the main road hangs out the flag because every year the foreign workers do it for us at every floor. Patriotism in Singapore has been outsourced to the foreign workers.

  4. The result of having cheaper, “better”, “faster” workers. If everyone from management to supervisors and workers are foreigners then this is the result.

  5. The Red Indians deliberately put our flags upside down! Even the illiterates will not make such mistake if the supervisor told them red on top of white!
    Placing white on top of red is a sign of telling the world that Singaporeans are controlled by white monkeys who are at the top!

  6. Is so shameful n disgraceful to put our national flag upside down…
    Though s’pore economy is getting bad to worst is not Bcz of out national flag..
    Is the leader’s that don’t hv the leadership n responsibility to run this country …
    Is sad..!!!

  7. The State flag must be treated with the highest respect. It is not a piece of cloth to be used for decorative purposes. Lining the roads is definitely inappropriate and the State flag must not be lying anywhere on the ground.
    It is a shame if such people can continue to do that to the State flag.

  8. Soon, many more things affecting our life will be outsourced to FTs. Higher revenue to collect, lower cost, hence larger profit and larger incentives.

  9. maybe those religion masters asked him to go temple to pray and at the same time instructed puppy to hang those flags upside down,that’s the only way to solve all problems.风水

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