Another teenager dies after 2.4km NAPFA run in school


16-year-old Benjamin Sim Wen Ming died after completing the mandatory 2.4km NAPFA run at Chong Boon Secondary School in Ang Mo Kio yesterday.

The Secondary 4 student is the second teenager to have lost his life after running the 2.4km run this year. 15-year-old Bryan Chee died just this February during the run at Loyang Secondary School. The boy, who was also in Secondary 4, had a previous heart condition.

Benjamin, who is said to be a keen volleyball player who played for his school during his 4 years there, reportedly keeled over and hit his head on the ground following the run which students at the school participate in about once a week during Physical Education classes.

Emergency resuscitation was being administered even before the Singapore Civil Defense Force (SCDF) arrived at the scene and the SCDF continued administering cardiopulmonary resuscitation en route to the hospital. Benjamin was pronounced dead at 11.44am at Tan Tock Seng Hospital.

Benjamin’s father, 55-year-old pastor Davy Sim said: “We are still in a state of shock, but we have accepted it. We will leave it to the school to investigate what happened. I believe they have done their best.”

Chong Boon Secondary School principal Yeo Kuerk Heng said: “Benjamin was well regarded and popular among his peers, and was especially known for his cheerful and friendly disposition. He participated actively both in class and in sports. He was also good in English and helped his friends who are weaker in the subject.”

Staff, counsellors and school leaders at Chong Boon Secondary School are assisting and offering emotional support Benjamin’s family, affected students and staff, while police investigations are ongoing.




  1. Does MOE has any preventive programme to check students periodically to ferret out students with health problems before engaging in any vigorous activities? Because of eating habits mamy of us look healthy but not FIT. So MOE must find ways to address this problem early when they are young.

  2. MOE should suspend the 2.4km run for all schools immediately before another young child of Singapore dies. Mind you some S.League players can’t even pass their 2.4km run and we expect our young kids to do it?

    • 2.4km as part of napfa test has been around for so long with little incident. What makes it so different now that it should be suspended. 20-30 years back no one died. Now 2 died immediate ban? Then how do you compensate for fitness and health? Any smart ideas? Or we just let the kids not have any physical fitness and see them grow obese and suffer. How did you survive in secondary school?? I did this and all my generation did this with no incident.

    • In the army, if a soldier die during training, Mindef will suspend the training till investigation is completed. Likewise MOE does the same. Mind you, this is a young boy. Im if this boy is related to you, how would you react? Please think of the parents who lost their young 16 years old son.

  3. just ban the damn 2.4 Km run, for goodness sake!.. are these schools training these kids to run championship marathon or something? please lah.. they are only secondary kids, when go NS also will kena tekan more than 2.4km.. give them a break now.

    • And if more NS personnel cannot pass we scrap 2.4 km altogether? There is an issue.. there is something wrong but i do not agree that it is the fault of the event itself.

    • Klicky SG .what crap you taking? may you you want until your own kids die running than you will KPKB ah? why you all talk without using your brains? hello..why so stupid ah?

    • Who was the safety officer?
      Did he conduct water parade prior to run?
      Was there a safety vehicle?
      What was the evacuation route? Was the teacher trained in CPR? Why was there no AED?
      Who ensured that there participants had 8 hours of uninterrupted rest prior to run?
      Was the students given a chance to fall out if feeling unwell?
      Where was the conducting officer when this happened?
      What was the training plan?

      If so many protocols and tradocs exist when then army trains adult soldiers, shouldnt schools have better planning when teenage students are involved?

    • Sas Karma – so just because of one unfortunate incident – all stop running ? That what you people is craping about ! where your brains.
      So if next some child failed an exam – you also jump in say let do away with exam … all no need to study. You go tell your boss – boss job failed before, so use your brain lah, no need to try do … just scrap job and collect my pay.

    • One must know own body. if cannot run 2.4km . just jog a little then walk all the way, if cannot just sound out not feeling well and give up. Worst end result is to fail NAPFA.

    • Kicky SG, you need a good kick in your brains lah. Please use them do you feel if your own kids die while running, some health issues are not obvious to begin with. Don’t side track and talk crap about other issues, give stupid excuses.. if that is the case than you might well as let your kids or parents ror even yourself run and work until drop dead lah!

    • Sas Karma if the parents can’t take care of their kids you expect the rest of the world to go out of its way to ensure your kid don’t die!?

      Instead of training your kids to run the damn 2.4, you’re asking for it to be banned so the kids can have a break!?

      What else do we need to ban?

      How about banning some parents from having kids instead? No kids, no need to run 2.4 so no kids will die?

    • Sas Karma –
      Kids don’t run – become unhealthy also die.
      You worry undetected health issue – you worry worry also die.

      your brain think = running, you also worry because it runs you frighten it dies. !!!

    • Koh Phil – problem is parent become too protective that why kids got physical health and mental health.
      You stop your kids from being health – they are not allow to run and play much … why frighten they tired out and they sweat – that cause them physical health issue.
      Next your control and fear you insert into them, cause them mental health dare not say no when they not up to run.

    • Mohan Sinnapillay so let me ask you one question.. soyou will prefer your kids to die then? When they are old in teh end, they will still end up in NS. as I say, Give them a break!..if education stress don’t end them up in suicide, then running without knowing your own health will can also lead to death. be more mature in your thinking lah.. or else you will sound damn stupid!

    • kicky, use a bit of your brains lah.. these kids are doing 2.4 km run, its part of such strenuous activity, I have seen them run along macritichie. But I am very sure you cant even run 2.1 km, dont say these kids at 14-17 years old. so look into the mirror first before commenting like you know their lives and health issues. if you dont know them well nr live with them, just shut the F-up!

    • ismail, How do you know there were no incidents before??? For God knows who will report such incidents when you rely on the 151 must be dreaming and brainwashed!

  4. Stop blaming 2.4km.!!! So many cry father mother. Ok let do away with 2.4km… Next time your kid so unhealthy die just walking in shopping center.

    • 2.4km is not the issue. A normal healthy person have no issue. It is down to the individual to know their own body… And know when they are not up to it and need to stop. No medical can detect everything it is your own responsibility

    • Klicky SG what own responsibility u talking about ownself talk ownself right, before NS also go for many check up ensure is fit ,
      No every body can run 2.4 km what not a issue u talk big

    • Steven Chng – if based on your talk cock everyday a doctor must certified you then you ok ? Nuts.
      Can run 2.4km you and body know it – it is up to you to decide if you should stop not run.
      Simple cannot run 2.4km then do not run, walk , cannot walk then don’t walk.
      Next you be telling us must get your doctor to certified you to walk ? or maybe to certified you to use brain to think ?

  5. Why conduct 2.4km run now as the kids are preparing for their O level. They have been studying late nights and are stressful enough. The School can have other light activity to keep them fit but not this. Feel heartache to see one potential kid is gone.

  6. It’s unfortunate to know such incidents happened. The parents are in grief and I believe no one wanted this to happen. Please don’t argue with each other here but to show your kindness and condolence to the family.

  7. Before embarking in a run of this length and far worse, the run is a race against a time raises questions in how a runner is correctly prepared. Was stretching mandatory? Was there correct warm up? How was the body prepared and conditioned to run this race? Did anyone ask the runners how the felt physically and if there was anyone under medication?

  8. Who was the safety officer?
    Did he conduct water parade prior to run?
    Was there a safety vehicle?
    What was the evacuation route? Was the teacher trained in CPR? Why was there no AED?
    Who ensured that there participants had 8 hours of uninterrupted rest prior to run?
    Was the students given a chance to fall out if feeling unwell?
    Where was the conducting officer when this happened?
    What was the training plan?

    If so many protocols and tradocs exist when then army trains adult soldiers, shouldnt schools have better planning when teenage students are involved?

  9. Parent Nowsday take care of the kid too well.. Theymight be unable to cope with such tough exercise which might be deems as a piece of cake in poorer country. The government shall balance more in rate of progressing so parents will not be brainwash and kia su and let the kids have more free time to do other activity that develop them instead of spending long hours studying. Everything go to the root of lost balance and chain effect… In the early year of 70 and 80, we have a good balance on the rate of progression and family. Parent are not so stress, while kids are not trained to be scholars focus. Most of us grew up and develop good healthy body that can go thru the inhuman training of army 🙂

    • Its not “taking care”. Its more like manufacturing a scholar. Take care means healthy lifestyle. Balance of work and play. You build physical fitness, creativity and social skills during play. Used to 50:50. Now its more of 90% study, tuition, supplementary, etc etc.. and 10% sleep not play. I pity the kids nowadays. I would bring my kids to the forest to catch spiders and built traps.

  10. Before even considering scraping the event altogether , we got to establish is the unfortunate event due to the event itself or other factors like wrong training methods , physical weakness , etc….. Ultimately 2.4 has been around for decades and if everybody went thru and survive without a single scratch …. what makes it so different this time ?

  11. Dislike to share this:
    Physical qualities of our younger boys and girls are dropping.
    We may have excelled in right humanities by eradicated grills from schools and armies.
    By the end of removing all these, what’s left of our nation? What’s left in our younger generations? Ban electric bikes and electric scooters.

    • Should set bench marks: Have to do well in both academics and physical exercises to go on to next level.
      Those, who are having medical conditions must be accessed and recommended of basic bench marks and thresholds to go through.
      Can’t do well in both academics and physical exercises, how to set up a family to have off springs? Died trying to have off spring, leaving all responsibilities to another halves, are these self negligence?

    • I’m a father to a 8yo boy.
      I’ve lived through childhood asthmatic, stayed active most of my times as boy, when I was my boy’s age.
      I lived notta far from woods mills. I’m surprised it never take my life away.
      I wasn’t deprived of decent food. Certainly, not rich food.

  12. Unfortunate incident. Kids should play more outside and build their physical fitness. Now kids prefer to stay home play video games or parents sent for supplementary classes. Not more play catching, catch spider field soccer.

  13. People should be able to differentiate between NS IPPT and Secondary School Napfa test. Both have 2.4km. Its different level of intensity. Plus napfa has been in Schools for so long. Why only now have this incident?

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