Another motorcyclist is killed in second fatal accident within 24 hours


Another motorcyclist lost his life this morning, less than 24 hours after a fatal accident killed a 30-year-old biker yesterday evening.

The accident today occurred along the Pan Island Expressway (PIE) after the Dunearn exit, where the 31-year-old motorcyclist reportedly hit a wooden plank on the road and was vaulted over the road divider to the opposite lane upon impact. A car coming from the other direction then ran over him.

The motorcyclist was found motionless and was pronounced dead by paramedics at the scene.

The Singapore Police Force is investigating the case.

Car driver arrested for causing death of motorcyclist in fatal Woodlands Ave 12 accident


  1. That’s why always contact the police to contact the relevant authority to clear the debris asap, especially the expressway. RIP rider.

    Speaking of which, I noticed in recent years, many debris lying on road! I wonder why?

  2. Recently there are many droppings of planks on the roads. These inconsiderate litter of planks should be severely punish as it endangers both motor cyclists n motorists on our roads confiscate their vehicles n put them behind bars for at least 5 years

  3. Not only wooden planks, there are pails, helmets, hard hats, often seen on expressways and it doesn’t take any genius to know these are fallen off trucks and the culprits don’t even bother to secure their items while driving.

  4. Last week on AYE towards Tuas, i almost ran over a wheel choke! My car could have tumbled or hit another. You want to report ? Press 1 for English , 2 for Russian blah blah. No incentive to report too. More n more reckless driving n more objects on the roads. I dont mine if it hits the 69% of PAP voters. Because they welcome all this.

  5. I have the impression that all the roads in Singapore are closely monitored with high resolution CCTVs. Are the traffic police officers too tired over such jobs or “not enough manpower”.

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