Another jackpot winner of S$9.58 million from Singapore Pools, twice in one month

Photo: Facebook screengrab - used for illustration purposes only

It was only on January 3 when a Toto lottery winner made headlines for hitting the record-breaking jackpot amount by a solo winner of S$9.7 million. Information on that could be read below:

One person wins the S$9.7 million Toto lottery, biggest amount to be won by solo winner

Less than two weeks later, on January 14, yet another solo winner gets the perfect combination and won the jackpot prize of S$9,588,137. About 200,000 short from the first winner, but still.

The winning numbers are as follows:

Photo: Taken from Singapore Pools website

The winning shares can be seen below:

Photo: Taken from Singapore Pools website

As for the rest of the winning shares, 9 people won around S$11,925 each from Group 2, while the number increases for winning shares in relation to the share amount as it progresses down the prize group. Group 7 had 385,481 people winning S$10 each.

The winning ticket was purchased at: Singapore Pools Empress Rd Branch – Blk 8 Empress Rd #01-35 ( 1 QuickPick System 7 Entry )

It’s not even February and two people have won over S$19 million already.

Netizens are shocked at the turn of events with many claiming that the whole system is rigged.

Olarious GE is starting to feel that it is staged while Derek Siol mentions that the winners are affiliated with the government and they are doing this as a way to obtain more money for the coming Chinese New Year.

Photo: Facebook screengrab
Photo: Facebook screengrab

According to Sasakura Mafuyu who read in a newspaper a long time ago, the possibility of a control system being implemented in the lottery could be true. This is because of actual proof confirmed by the media.

Photo: Facebook screengrab

Congratulations to Ct Qasz for winning S$10.

Photo: Facebook screengrab