Another customer shocked over being charged hefty $20 for Nasi Padang at shopping centre food court


Another customer has expressed shock over the exorbitant prices Nasi Padang stalls in shopping centre food courts are charging these days.

The customer, Malaysian Raymond Yeoh who has only been here for three weeks, shared online that he was charged the hefty price for a plate of rice, fried fish, mutton cubes, anchovies and peanuts.

Sharing a photo of his meal and a receipt, that shows he had the meal the Padang Padang stall at the Food Opera food court at ION Orchard last Friday (16 Mar), Yeoh wrote: “I just moved to Singapore 3 weeks ago and I had this Mix Rice in Padang Padang @ ION Orchard. Guess how much is this? I believe this is not the usual price even for tourist…”

This is not the first time that a post on how expensive Nasi Padang dishes are in mall food courts here has trended online.

Just last Tuesday, Singaporean Nizam Vanderbeek’s post that a plate of white rice, fried fish, and one serving of vegetables cost him a hefty $14 at a local Kopitiam went viral online, with netizens being surprised that he was charged such exorbitant prices for one meal at a food court.

An average food court Nasi Padang dish with rice, one meat dish and two vegetable dishes would cost around S$6.50.

Customer incensed over being charged $14 for rice, fried fish and vegetables at Vivocity Kopitiam

Some netizens questioned whether the fish was an expensive pomfret fish and opined that it looks like the serving size and the takeaway box appear to be larger than usual, and that this might have affected the price. Others asked Nizam whether he checked the price of the dishes before making his order.

Still others shared their own experiences of being charged exorbitant prices for single meals at food courts here:

Qamara Myra Fazz: Omg…yes even in paya lebar squara is getting expensive n the fish is smaller .. that was the ayam penyet.. i hv wrote to the management.. about it im not sure if we should report to case
Haffnie Haffiz: Kopitiam at NUH too… 1 pc of fish= $14.
Anilama Halludba: my mother also kena that kind of ridiculous price which is close to 20 dollars..and she take 2 meat with 1 veg..


    • PAP set the example for all to follow. Just squeeze. No transpsrency. Food court also no transparency. The rot starts from the top.
      A dishonourable leader tends to breed dishonesty. Look at the whole of Singapore. Remember the $2/- TOWN COUNCIL software sale to PAP company?
      Remember the massive corruptionat Keppel. Too many to mention.

  1. Yes most expensive city on the face of this planet thanks to big G. I recall one notable Minister who said ” you have a choice – eat at a fine dining restaurant, or aircon food court, or hawker center” 🙂 this will always be etched in my mind! Only thing that keeps me going these days is to see the fall of the ruling regime!

  2. The moment the stallholder says $20 the netizen should have pretended to reach into both his pockets for his wallet, mumble a quick “oops I dropped my wallet” and dash out of the food court. Eat at the food shops at Lucky Plaza on the opposite side of Orchard Road and he would still get change for a $10 note.

  3. It is about time, we stop eating at nasi padang stalls if they insist on charging such prices. They should be required to post the prices ona board and if they do not, the customer should have the right not to accept the plate. Gone were the days when nasi padang was affordable. Not any more! Perhaps part of the reason could be the very high rentals paid to the landlords! Who caused it? Who has been pushing up property prices?

  4. We just cannot turn back the clock and the historical days of cheap food were gone . A new era had dawned upon us and no matter what the pathetic dishes of meat, vegetable and the like . you have to be prepared to pay at least $10., whether it is in 313 , ION or tekka market . The spike in price or the hike of it is now prevailing in all corners of our most expensive country. Do you think Singaporeans pride themselves over this billing and the many suffered silently in the wake of the escalating living cost. Are your plight registered with those concerned ears ??

  5. Most stalls are charging ridiculously (most even with no indication of price).Its also happening at coffeeshops,hawker centers & near MRTs.Not valued for money in terms of the price, food portions & hygiene (for some are leftovers & they make other dishes out of them).Sometimes we don’t mind spending a little more,but they are taking it for granted.And if the rental is the excuse they are going to give,I have to say its none of the consumers business. Focus on the quality of your products instead of charging anyhow. I already stopped patronizing any. There are still many much better options out there; chicken rice,fried kuey tiao,yong tau hoo & thai food …etc. Not necessarily have to be nasi padang. Sorry,seriously no way!

  6. But most would pay $20 bucks for some bland korean food and think thats correct.
    Dont forget that it takes lots of ingredients and labour for nasi padang.
    Its unlike your fried taogay with soysauce.
    In fact, i think we are being under charged for nasi padang and indian food.

  7. Ppl complained about how expensive they have been overcharged, which could have been one’s choice not to patronize or boycott thereafter.

    Butt! Yet there’s nothing one could do, complain not boycott those LEEches that have been OVERPAYING themselves for decades!!!!!

    What a Shame! Or is it What a Sham!!!!!

    Side Note: next time, before buying, look at the name of the stall; Opera, surely must pay for Opera Prices lah. The Word “Economy” usually won’t go wrong….. except our Economy is gonna go very wrong as China is out to destroy this fishing village!

  8. They somehow feel it is their entitlement to charge such high prices without displaying prices. As if they selling the tastiest food in the world or using diamonds in their receipe. Bottomline, all overcharging, misrepresenting and play acting to maximise profits.

    • There are actually a price list in most stalls. We should be mindful in dealing with hawker, small stall holder and taxi drivers. All their business are oral transaction. Any difference will result in ‘ chicken and duck talk ‘, the winner would who is the loudest and more aggressive, till the police come. I did that , even a ‘ cha keow teow ‘. Big or small, chilli or no chilli. …!!!

  9. Hello, is it you listened to our selected IndMalay President’s advice that if chicken is expensive go for fish huh….and do you know the stall rental at ION is much higher than elsewhere? Do you now regret living in this world’s most expensive city? Enjoy the world’s number 1 expensive city glory!

  10. Look, it’s Ion. What did he expect? It’s like dining at an atas restaurant where the average charge per head is S$700 and then complaining about the bill for average food. You want cheap but good food, then don’t dine at Ion. It is that simple. There are plenty of other places in Singapore where you can get great or better Nasi Padang for less than S$10. It’s not as if Ion is the only place in town that serves food. But if you insist at dining at Ion, then you have only yourself to blame for getting skinned.