Another couple caught engaging in sexual acts at HDB carpark rooftop


Another couple was caught on camera committing alleged sexual acts with one another at the rooftop level of a multi-storey carpark at Choa Chu Kang North 7, this Tuesday (30 Jan) between 10pm and 11pm.

This latest incident comes just about 3 months after a similar carpark rooftop rendezvous was caught on camera last October at Block 306B Canberra Road.

Netizen Harry Tom was one of the residents who noticed the couple engaging in lewd acts in full public view. He shared online that the couple appeared to be teenagers and that the girl had taken off her shorts and the boy had his hand between her legs. Harry added:

“The carpark has residential blocks on three sides. The couple were right smack in the middle of the carpark giving residents a birds’ eye view of what they were doing. It’s really quite dumb.”

Harry revealed that the couple only left when another resident who noticed the obscene acts shouted, “Eh!” at them.

Interestingly, Harry claims that such sights are not uncommon to residents in the area:

“We see couples going up to roof of the carpark at least once every few months to ‘date’. Some are quite innocent and just have picnics together but others engage in sex acts too.”

Couple caught engaging in sexual acts at HDB carpark rooftop


  1. These people so free, nothing to do stand at their windows with mobile phone.

    They have an issue with couples engaging in spontaneous passion but don’t think it’s a problem they love filming it.

    Does posting such videos online = distribution of pornography?

    It’s amazing how some people have a holier than thou attitude but think they are normal.

    • How can there be an outrage of modesty when there isn’t one to outrage in the first place ?…..
      We don’t have issue with couples engaging in spontaneous passion , get a room at least .
      Otherwise what different are you from a couple of strays animals mating out in the public ?
      Human beings don’t undergo million of years of evolution to degenerated into this ?……

    • Barry Allen why is it degeneration? Basic human instinct don’t change just because you learnt to put on clothes.

      How is it spontaneous passion anymore if they have to get a room? You do know what spontaneous mean right?

    • Barry Allen this is unacceptable but it is alright if humans pay to sit on a train to look at nocturnal animals mate in their natural habitat? Perhaps you’ll call that animal porn!

  2. Josephine Teo must be so jealous…….bet she has been dry for decades………considering how manly she looks, maybe the hubby became gay liao……like Pinky……….LOL

  3. Because our minister said small space is enough, HDB has reduced size of houses (and increased price). Sinkies still buy blindly. Now they want space so they doing like stray dogs. This is Pro Family governance.

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