Angry parents claim childcare in Redhill left kid unattended and crying after she broke her arm


Facebook user Rei Na alleged that a childcare centre in Redhill left her daughter crying, unattended for 45 minutes after she broke her arm. The incident happened on 24 January this year.

The child’s father speaking to the Chinese Daily said: “When my wife went to pick her up, she saw her lying on the floor and crying. There were 2 teachers next to her but they had couldn’t tell us why she was crying so they just left her there to cry because my daughter couldn’t tell her what had happened.”

The mother claimed, the kid “was pushed and beaten by 2 boys (and she) sustained a fracture and bone displacement”. The injury was so serious that the toddler had to go for an operation.


The girls father said: “She was so scared she kept crying and saying she wanted to go home. She was very afraid of the x-ray procedure because she kept thinking the doctors were going to cut off her hand. Before her operation she kept asking to drink water even though you’re not supposed to eat or drink 3 hours before the operation. We were heart-broken.”

According to the parents, the childcare centre also refused to investigate the incident immediately and said that they would only do so after the Chinese New Year holidays, on 28 Jan. The parents claim that the centre principal later gave him a written report and asked them not to escalate the matter any further.

According to the parents, the centre also failed to inform the Early Childhood Development Agency (ECDA) and that they had written to the Minister and the ECDA about their concerns.

The childcare centre did not deny the incident, but described it as an one-off unfortunate incident, and that teachers have been reminded to be extra careful.

A manager speaking to the Chinese Daily said that when the girl started crying, a teacher approached her and asked what was wrong, but called her parents when she could not explain herself.

The parents however claim that they did not receive any call.  The parents and the childcare centre have both engaged lawyer to deal with the matter.