Angry mother accuses SPF of incompetence after stranger attacks her 5-year-old son

Irate mother Vivien Chan took to Facebook to show her anger at how the Singaporean Police Force handled her complaint of a stranger pushing and hitting her five year old son at a convenience store on Saturday, January 6.

According to Mrs. Chan, the police have yet to arrest the man even though she and her husband provided surveillance footage of the incident and the address of the culprit to the police.

The incident occurred at the convenience store at 182A Rivervale Crescent. CCTV footage shows the man using his knee to push the boy aside, and then a few seconds later the man comes back, seems to scold the boy, then slaps him on the side of his face.

The boy was accompanied by the family’s helper at the time of the incident. According to a Facebook post by Mrs. Chan, the helper went home and asked the boy’s father to go after the alleged attacker:

“My hubby and I didn’t manage to get hold of the culprit after we rushed down with the maid to the vicinity, witnesses around the mini-mart and coffee shop at the same block pointed out that he had escaped to the same building. From words of mouths, he was a regular at the coffee house and had the look of a druggie, always stone-looking.
“Police was called and they arrived 25min later, nothing was done as they claimed they will file case and wait for further instruction, however they did leave a number so that if we manage to come across the attacker, Police will come and arrest him.”

Mrs. Chan further recounted that she and her husband provided the police with the man’s address and added that despite frequent follow-ups, the police did not arrest the man. She indicated online that she is angry and frustrated that the culprit remains at large:

“…thanks to the inefficient, unresponsive, unreliable, disappointing Sengkang (Neighbourhood Police Post) and the assigned (Investigating Officer), the attacker is still happily at home and loitering in the vicinity and looking for the next prey….As a parent residing in Spore, I’m really worried, is this really the only way (to wait) and is this the protection we are getting from the useless lame SPF! I hope by putting this in the media, someone could shed some enlightenment.”

The angry parent’s post seemed to strike a nerve with netizens and garnered about 1,500 comments besides being shared more than 6000 times:

Other netizens pointed out that the law dictates that a mere slap does not merit an arrest, and advised the parents as to what they can do under the law:

Some others claimed to know the alleged attacker, and alleged that the man as a history of committing acts of unprovoked aggression:


    • Terrie Tan…well the child banged into him n likely if an adult did that, he probably would have done the same. The mother reported he could be from drugs…

      Anyway education starts from young. If the parents had acknowledged their own son wrong doing, they might get more people to perhaps share her pain too

    • to be honest if an adult e-scooted into me i’ll likely give him a punch. i hate e-scooters but this is a kid, and the guy is an adult. There’s just no proportionality to assaulting a child however naughty he is considering differences in physicality, intellectual and emotional maturity. Even if the kid did not know better, the man does (presumably)

      A kid got beaten up. i share her pain. He could have scolded the kid. i would have.

    • Kid or not kid…this guy as claimed by the mother is suspected on drug. Nobody disputed it is wrong of the man to hit the child…. however l feel the mother could have acknowledged the fact her son did wrong too.

      Puzzling that the maid had to urge the mother to report to police

    • That is right, Ben Wong but hitting a child is wrong. He could have told the boy n the maid in a stern n firm manner…well mother reported he could be a druggie

  1. Last time i was attacked by a stranger also i went to ang mo kio NPC to report and the stupid police ask me to go home and didnt even process my report

  2. U didn’t educate your Kid, so let outsiders teach him a lesson. U have no respect n don’t know how to behave in Public. Playing Skateboard inside Supermarket like your playground.

  3. Singaporeans are getting more and more disappointed with all these incompetence. We used to be very proud of our law enforcement. Look at how CPIB handled the KOM case…

  4. According to Shanmugam, the SPF arw doing an exemplanary job. Quite true, they changed my address efficiently when i moved house. They might busy with that, thus couldn’t catch the culprit.

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