Featured News Ang Mo Kio murder: A case of "too much love can kill...

Ang Mo Kio murder: A case of “too much love can kill you”?

Last September, an 82-year-old man allegedly killed his 79-year-old flatmate.




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The loving pair who were living at an Ang Mo Kio condo unit on the third floor for about two years and seen going regularly to the hawker centre holding hands is now a heartbreaking history.

The woman has allegedly murdered the 63-year-old man on Sunday morning (Oct 27). The 54-year-old suspect who is a large-sized woman will be charged in court today (Oct 28).

The case is classified, without doubt, as murder.

Preliminary investigations

The man was pronounced dead by paramedics at the scene and investigations show the victim and the suspect knew each other.

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A 60-year-old resident known only as Mr Chen says he heard repeated “drum-like banging” coming from the unit when he was preparing to go for his run at 5 am.

He describes the banging as odd. “It was not like the throwing of things or furniture. It was a repeated thudding,” he said, illustrating to ST reporters the sound by knocking against a water pipe with his hands.

Another witness, retired Ms Chen, who lives on the second floor, says she had never heard the two raise their voice at each other.

Ms Chen says she was switching off the air-conditioning unit at 5 am when she heard repeated loud banging, adding, “I didn’t pay (much attention) at first because I thought they were just being louder than usual. Now that I know what has happened, I am quite sad because they were such a loving couple.”

A similar case

Last September, an 82-year-old man allegedly killed his 79-year-old flatmate.

Pak Kian Huat, alias Pek Kiah Huat, was charged with murdering Madam Lim Soi Moy in a Housing Board flat on the 21st storey of Block 191 Lorong 4 Toa Payoh.

People killing loved ones?

In Southeast Asia, 55% of all murdered women died at the hands of their partner, followed by 40% in the African region and 38% in the Americas. Preliminary findings of a study estimated that globally, approximately 35% of murders of women are committed by intimate partners.

A study conducted by the United Nations Office on Drugs and Crime and published in 2018 showed a total of 87,000 women were intentionally killed in 2017.

Over half of them (58%) were killed by intimate partners or family members, meaning that 137 women across the world are killed by a member of their own family.

Likewise, in 2017 over a third (30,000) of women were intentionally killed by their current or former intimate partner — someone they trust.

Based on revised data, the largest number (20,000) of all women killed worldwide by intimate partners or family members in 2017 was in Asia.

So what does this imply? Why do people kill the ones they love, even those they have been with for a very long time? 

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