Ang Mo Kio man jumps from 5th floor flat after 2-hour standoff with police


A man threatened to jump off the window ledge of a 5th floor unit at Block 217 Ang Mo Kio Avenue 1 this morning. When police officers arrived at the scene, the man engaged in a 2-hour standoff before jumping off the ledge.

According to the Chinese daily, the man was first spotted around 10am today, clad only in a pair of black shorts, hanging on to the window panes of a 5th floor unit of the block.

Bystanders quickly notified the police who arrived at the scene shortly, with officers from the Special Operations Command and Singapore Civil Defense Force (SCDF) officers.

Upon seeing the officers, the man reportedly appeared frustrated and kept saying that he wanted to kill himself. During an ensuing two-hour standoff, the man started violently shaking the window panes he was holding on to whenever he was agitated.

Two hours later, the man leapt off the ledge.

Fortunately, emergency officers had already inflated an air bag on the ground below the man and the man landed on the air bag. While the man seems to have sustained injuries to his forehead and legs, he survived and has been conveyed to a hospital for treatment.


  1. ⚡Citizens in Ang Mo kio committing suicide under the constituency of our Premier Lee Hsien Loong!!!
    A friend was telling me to shift to Ang Mo kio as it is PM’S territory and I will be very well treated!
    ⚡Looking at this cynical truth, I need to tell my friends not to expect any good delivery from the ⚡party as they never practise what they had preached before every general election!
    ☔⚡Sad truths appear in Singapore where the people are facing middle age crisis and suicide rate is rising due to the poor performance of our 4th generation white monkeys !
    From history, nobody committed suicide at Dr Goh Keng Swee territory as he had helped the poor citizens to survive happily without asking for pay rise!
    1st generation white monkeys were working hard and regarded their jobs as a calling like a godly mission but now it is the very opposite!
    Without universal basic income to help those unemployed in financial crisis, suicide rate is rising!!!
    Why wait till the unfortunate victim jumped to meet his ancestors, then get social worker to help him?
    ⚡This victim is now suffering from physical pains due to injury as well as emotional pains of disappointment in our political system with no compassion towards our very own country fellowmen!!!
    Time for opposition doctors to visit this unfortunate victim and to offer help as soon as possible

  2. universal basic income = communism. be careful what you wish for. the problem facing the world today is the ponzi monetary system. the solution is not helicopter money but a revamp of the entire corrupted system. it will get worse. be prepared.

    • Michael G R Lum what to do my dear friend nothing wrong in my spine. I can do heavy duty work to earn a living. Tan Tock Seng Hospital. Dr Ernest Wang insisted said if I did not do surgery on my spine I could become paralysed. Tan Tock Seng Hospital. Dr Ernest Wang some more said surgery is to prevent my condition getting worse and worsen due to paralysed. After surgery performed by Tan Tock Seng Hospital. Dr Ernest Wang my condition getting worse and worsen. Badly compressed the spinal cord. Cause me permanently disability. Lose of earnings capacity. Whose willing to show some mercy step-up to help me. If this kind of thing happened to you how do you feel?

    • Michael G R Lum i can see a lot of our citizens Low income where got help in spore. Some more a lot of our citizens permanently disability. Where got help in our country. If let say they got help from MFS how much MFS can help them every months $300 do you think $300 can survived in spore this country.

    • Raymond Tan I know quite a few low income earners and they have the mentality that they have to depend on themselves for everything.
      Singapore has never been a welfare country and they know it. So they do not hope for nor wish for miracles nor incentives to fall from the sky.

      They seem to survive pretty well, always talked about what they do to have a life, bring up a family and proud of standing on their own two feet. And they are thankful the govt maintained the stability of this place so they can work and know their sacrifice are gonna bear fruit.
      Yes of coz everyone complains once in a while but they do not believe voting for the opposition and everything will become better.

      Personally I think the attitude and mindset of an individual determines his or her character and behavior towards everything.

    • Michael G R Lum different people differentI facing because you r a healthy person & you did not Need any help from our government. If you need help from our government then you will know the true la. I Only know what you see is not the true story. Because I was one of a victim I got no help from government.

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