Amy Khor’s comments on Sungei Road Market: deeply disappointing?


Senior Minister of State for the Environment and Water Resources, Dr Amy Khor’s comments on the petition to relocate the Sungei Road Market in Parliament on Monday have been criticised as deeply disappointing by the organisers of the petition.

Citing that the Government has not addressed issues such as financial destitution elderly vendors may be thrust into as a result of the closure of the market, the two groups – the Association of the Recycling of Second Hand Goods and the Save Sungei Road Market Campaign – delivered a joint statement today, claiming that none of the assistance options the National Environmental Agency presented to the vendors are “practical or sustainable.”

They also criticised the National Heritage Board’s plans to digitise the market as a documented memory, one that “fails to create the lived experience of our last remaining living street culture.”

Amy Khor’s understanding of Sungei Road Market issue disputed

Questioning the consistency of figures Dr Khor released in Parliament and the declaration that vendors have been engaged successfully by the government, the organisations reported that according to their surveys, only certain groups of vendors were consulted by the government while others who only operate in late afternoons or during weekends were left out.

“This leaves SMS Khor’s point about the “deep engagement” the Government is supposedly to have performed open to question.”

They also wrote, “More disturbingly, SMS Khor in her answer to a supplementary question, referred to a man (“Tan Khoon Yuan”) who claims to be the vice-president of the Association of the Recycling of Second Hand Goods, as one of the vendors who has taken up a hawker stall. Mr. Koh, Chairman of the Association, verified that there is no such position as a Vice-President and he does not know any person by this name who is involved with the Association.”

”It is clear thus far that the officials and agencies involved are not accurately informed and appraised of the ground situation and sentiments of the vendors, many of whom are from the pioneer generation. The Government should respect the autonomy of these vendors to decide for themselves on what and how best they want to carry on their trade as a means of livelihood, social engagement and active aging.”

Alleging that the Government has also not discussed the matter with representatives of the movement, the two groups added that many alternative proposals for Sungei Road Market that have been submitted to the authorities have only been met with “generic replies.”

Preserve the history of Sungei Road Market through collective relocation

The organisers reiterated their main call to collectively relocate the market so as to preserve the “unique branding and history of the Sungei Road Market. Dispersing them to hawker centres effectively causes the vendors to lose the ‘cluster effect’ of having many businesses from the same industry together in close proximity.”

They also call for NEA to meet with those involved with the Market in person “so as to have a constructive discussion on the impact of the closure of SRM and prospects of relocating the Sungei Road Market. It is not too late.”



  1. I rarely quote 154th media but this is what they said:

    Speaking to The Straits Times, Mr Koh reiterated that he has never met a Mr Tang Kong Yuen before.

    But on Tuesday, the NEA posted on its website that latest records from the Registry of Societies showed Mr Tang Kong Yuen as the vice-president of the association.

  2. this amy whore, ex chiu hu bor, basically a useless idiot. arrogant and strut around with her head tilted up and her eyes on top of her head, she is best remembered, ‘cannot put singaporeans first.’ wonder who are the idiots who voted her?

  3. Aiyah …as usual , throw statistic, use high tech proposal, throw what ever smoke screen that is convenient to use , or at worst , throw physiological intimidation …….then use MSM declare everything agreed by 70% sungai road closure Victims ! Period Case closed ! 80years of historical back ground is meaningless to this MIW n WIW, as compared against the late supreme leader’s house ?
    All the glorious talks of respecting and rewarding the pioneer generation ; hypocrisy- TCSS at the highest as usual !
    Ah gong & AH mah out there wake up ! Not too late yet if you people still have a puff of breath , come 2020 vote wisely !!! These whole circle of clown elitists led by that clown prince has lost touch with the man in the street ………hope the wind of change blow strong and fast for a “fairer and just tomorrow !!! ” Majullah Singapura!!!

  4. it’s sad that this place has to go, its been around for 80 years without any govt support, its uniquely singaporean, part of our heritage, part of who we are, the interaction between the vendors n those who frequent the place, the banter between seller n buyer, between themselves, the languages, the dialects used, the ethnicities of various parties, its all so uniquely singaporean. never again will we ever witnesses something so quintessential singaporean. but our govt saw it fit to get rid of it, why? because the land around the mrt station is worth millions, nothing else matters to our money-faced govt. when the govt says we don’t yet have a singaporean identity, we know the reason why, because its places like this which they tear down n demolish to build another faceless condo cum shopping mall cum office block just like dozens all over the island. when will the clowns in parliament, people like this Amy Khor ever learn ?

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