Amos Yee is banned from Facebook

The 18-year-old Singaporean blogger Amos Yee has been active on Facebook since his release from American jail, and soon after that he asked his fans for money on 1 November.

On 9 November, he uploaded another video on Youtube titled “Amos Yee is banned from Facebook…”

Last December, Amos Yee fled to the US to seek political asylum. Despite opposition from the Department of Homeland Security, he was granted asylum by a US immigration court on Tuesday (Sept 26).

After his departure, many Singaporean supporters track his whereabouts on social media platforms.

“I just got banned from Facebook for 30 days,” wrote Amos Yee on his Youtube channel.

“Lol, I didn’t know saying someone ‘sucked government cock’ was considered ‘harassment’.

“I highly suspect this is the result of a mass-flagging campaign done by the Singapore Government’s well paid internet brigade.

“So do me a favor, it’s very lonely on Twitter with only 300 followers after my 1st Twitter account got suspended.

“So please follow my Twitter @amosyee_

“I’m going to try to counter being banned from one social networking site by prospering in another one.

“The authoritarians will never silence us,” he wrote as subtitles in the video.



  1. Hooray! Although there are several more weeks left in 2017 I must conclude this the best news of the year (for me & many people). This is karma for Amos – a disgraceful rotten apple from SG).

  2. Perfect precedent for people who thinks they can say anything they like without reasonable consideration of others jus because they have lots of likes or views.

    • FB ia honestly FOS. There is this obnxious guy. I flagged to FB about his hateful comment and yap, nothing happened. But my comment was deemed unsuitable and was removed during GE period. I dont use profanity and I dont recall being offensive. I am very mindful that a lot of people tar our views so I put in effort not to give these IB a chance. So I am inclined that both the IBs and FB are FOS.

  3. October 19, 2017

    Amos Redux: Five Events That Define Amos In Wonderland

    It grieves me to acknowledge that my April 28th open letter to Mary Toh had fallen on deaf ears. [ ] The said letter was a ‘sincere appeal to Amos’ mother to act judiciously to help avert her son’s current plight from being transmogrified into a full-blown tragedy before her eyes.’ I interceded with her then to repatriate her son before she lost him forever. But TRULY SADLY, alas, 5 months later her dear son Amos remains marooned in Wonderland, though for the first time in 9 and 1/2 months he is able to take in alfresco American fresh air and sunshine after being freed at long last from a nightmare of interminable detention — one that is, I would not hesitate to declaim, of utter whimsical arbitrariness and bereft of due process. Here now in the following are five phenomena that explain why it is so ‘TRULY SADLY’ for Amos…

    1. Your son Amos is now a nonentity, a fish out of water, a novelty no more… It was a damn sad sight for Amos to note that his hard-earned freedom turned out to be a non-media event… Sept. 27, 2017 dawned bright and sunny and after languishing close to 10 months (284 days to be precise) in the rabbit hole, Amos was set free by ICE (Immigration & Customs Enforcement). He was pictured in public schlepping an oversize hobo-like plastic swag of his prison barang-barang (Singlish jargon for precious personal belongings). His red-letter day though was only surpassed by a near-total media eclipse — there was no ABC, NBC, CBS, CNN or BBC waiting. Neither were present his legions of purported American supporters bar just one — but no Dave Rubin or TJ Kirk, his great idols. And conspicuous by her absence was his personal asylum mentor cum free-speech guru Melissa Chen, the femme fatale that was the bane of his 9-1/2-month asylum tribulation.

    Indeed, Amos’ worst fear has begun to dawn on him, quoting the Japan Times’s post-jail interview: “I was popular and important in Singapore. Now I am not sure I will be popular and important in America. That is just my fear.” Alas, once a vocal vociferant in his home country where his apparent precocious use of the English language in a polyglot environment had ostensibly favored him, and now he is but submerged in the Wonderland world where English would no longer be his strong suit among native U.S. communicators. He was once a gadfly at home, he is now a gnat in America. [ ]

    • An update as of Nov. 12: the Nov.13 Harvard-student scheduled event to invite Amos Yee to a Q and A open forum has been abruptly canceled. This is the second back-to-back ‘disinvitation’ from organizations since his release in late Sept. but why should anyone be surprised by that? Just re-visit what I have posted on my Fb wall earlier. And yes, Amos did receive his Fb ban just days after Fb’s COO Sheryl Sandberg paid a personal visit to PM Lee’s office.


      If I’ve said it once, I’ve said it a hundred times about Amos: ‘He is not so much unreformed as unreformable at this stage of his life.’

      And just recently, this is what I commented in my recent article (see link below) on Amos’ state of being an asylee…

      1. His incipient relegation to obscurity… “Your son Amos is now a nonentity, a fish out of water, a novelty no more…”

      2. His financial self-implosion in 3 months… “He added he does not intend to assume any part-time work as it is beneath his interest… so he is counting on his putative online fans to financially support him indefinitely while he trifles with his video diversion. But I’m afraid, poor Amos has misread his asylum host country big time — there won’t be a sucker born every minute in America. His shameless ask to be showered with further private largess will fall on deaf ears and I’ll give him 3 months, max, before he self-implodes.”

      3. His social exile… “Your son is now toxic material, his future uncertain in the U.S…”

  4. Amos mainly depended on making Facebook videos for his income. To be banned from Facebook is like taking away the driving licence from a taxi driver. Yes give this kid a break for holy sake

  5. FB should shut down all PAP fan page. It is a poison that slowly destroy Singapore. While you all are celebrating Amos Yee being banned, why not think about shutting down PAP fan page? They promote those toxic policies made and create negative image on opposition. Who is the real rotten apple here? PAP supporters or just Amos Yee? To me both of them. But who is the worse and most rotten? The PAP and its supporters!

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