Amos Yee is banned from Facebook

The 18-year-old Singaporean blogger Amos Yee has been active on Facebook since his release from American jail, and soon after that he asked his fans for money on 1 November.

On 9 November, he uploaded another video on Youtube titled “Amos Yee is banned from Facebook…”

Last December, Amos Yee fled to the US to seek political asylum. Despite opposition from the Department of Homeland Security, he was granted asylum by a US immigration court on Tuesday (Sept 26).

After his departure, many Singaporean supporters track his whereabouts on social media platforms.

“I just got banned from Facebook for 30 days,” wrote Amos Yee on his Youtube channel.

“Lol, I didn’t know saying someone ‘sucked government cock’ was considered ‘harassment’.

“I highly suspect this is the result of a mass-flagging campaign done by the Singapore Government’s well paid internet brigade.

“So do me a favor, it’s very lonely on Twitter with only 300 followers after my 1st Twitter account got suspended.

“So please follow my Twitter @amosyee_

“I’m going to try to counter being banned from one social networking site by prospering in another one.

“The authoritarians will never silence us,” he wrote as subtitles in the video.