Featured News Amos Yee crowdfunds for fellow pedophilia supporter

Amos Yee crowdfunds for fellow pedophilia supporter




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On his Facebook page on June 8, controversial former child star, YouTube personality, and blogger Amos Yee made an appeal for financial support for a fellow pedophilia supporter on YouTube. The YouTuber, Youth Liberation, had just had his legal name and his parents’ address revealed online, and is in need of money“for survival.”

According to Yee, Youth Liberation was in dire financial straits because he had been asked to leave his parents’ home for his public support for pedophilia. Additionally, his YouTube account has been flagged many times and was suspended.

The teenager included a link showing a video of a speech from Youth Liberation, as well as another link telling viewers how they can send support.

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Youth Liberation said on his Patreon page that the donations he needed will provide some peace of mind; should almost be able to cover basic needs and the up-keep of video editing software. I define basic needs as food, water and shelter. It’s crucial that these are covered so I can focus on this work,” and he asked for $320 monthly.

Yee’s YouTube channel, “Brain and Butter,” was terminated last month because of his support for pedophilia, citing violations of community guidelines. YouTube drew much criticism for running an advertisement for child development on Yee’s channel.

According to Yee’s Facebook post, Youth Liberation is now moving to Morocco in the hopes of living there. If financial support is unable, Yee asked for encouraging words, calling Youth Liberation an “important and powerful voice in our community.”

Yee, now 19, is an award winning former child actor who first got into trouble in 2015 Singapore after posting critical videos about Prime Minister Lee Kwan Yew shortly after his death, videos that many found to be offensive. He was arrested on charges of “intention of wounding the religious feelings of Christians”, obscenity, and “threatening, abusive or insulting communication.” He was arrested and received a four-week jail sentence, served in remand.

After being jailed twice, Yee moved to the US, where he sought asylum. He spent nine months in detention before being granted asylum in late September, 2017. In the US, Yee continued to receive both flak and support for his controversial posts on pedophilia and other topics on YouTube and Facebook. He has asked for, and was given, funds from his supporters on social media. However, his account on Facebook has been suspended for 30 days, also for violation of community standards. His Twitter account also received a suspension last year.

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