Home News Altar thief? Foodpanda rider allegedly steals statue of god of prosperity

Altar thief? Foodpanda rider allegedly steals statue of god of prosperity

CCTV footage caught the rider stealing a statue of Tua Pek Kong




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Singapore—A video of a foodpanda rider allegedly taking something from an altar went viral on Facebook.

The CCTV footage showed a foodpanda rider who appears to be stealing a statue of Tua Pek Kong, a folk God of Prosperity.

The man, wearing the familiar pink uniform of foodpanda riders, was digging through his delivery bag as he was standing next to an altar.

A few seconds later, he turned around and appeared to have taken objects from the altar and quickly placed these in his delivery bag. Initial sources suggest that the objects included the statue of the deity.

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The rider then zipped up his bag and cycled away.

Facebook screenshot.

The incident reportedly occurred on Sept 21 at around 3pm in a yet unknown location.

Netizens responded to the video with much interest. Many jested that the rider may have needed an extra dose of luck and prosperity in his life. Some joked that a foodpanda customer may have requested for a delivery of the statue.

However, foodpanda was less than amused at the incident. A spokesperson said that the company is currently investigating the matter alongside authorities.

“Foodpanda has a zero-tolerance policy when it comes to unlawful activities. Any riders found guilty of related offences are immediately ceased as service providers,” the spokesperson said.

The video has since been taken down from Facebook./TISG

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