All SG trains now using CBTC signaling system

Photo: Facebook/SGTrains

A few weeks ago, on May 26, the Facebook group SGTrains put up a post to say goodbye to the long-standing, three-decade old signaling system, as all trains around the whole country would be using CBTC signaling system .

The group, which was formed in 2011 by a team of train enthusiasts, banded together to share information regarding railways and Singapore, and to give like-minded hobbyists a venue for meeting and discussions.

In the post SGTrains announced that the final train from stations on the East West Line at Joo Koon and Pasir Ris would be bringing passengers one last time that day, and afterwards the conversion to the CBTC signaling system would take effect. 

While nostalgic, the post actually contains good news because it signifies that every one of the country’s MRT lines will be using the CBTC system, making it possible for improvements, innovations and greater capacity.And, since the CBTC is completely automated, train frequencies will be less of a problem during times of wet weather.

While the post received many shares and likes, some netizens said they didn’t care which signaling system was used, as long as the trains ran well.

Screengrab of Communications-Based Train Control systems from YouTube