Lifestyle Arts Aliff Aziz gets into another fight

Aliff Aziz gets into another fight

Singaporean actor-singer Aliff Aziz was seen being chased, punched and kicked by an unknown man and then asked to leave the scene




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A video of Singaporean actor-singer Aliff Aziz getting into another fight surfaced on social media again recently.

The video shows the celebrity being beaten up in an unknown location in Geylang.

He was seen being chased, punched and kicked by an unknown man and then asked to leave the scene.

Aliff fell down at one point while the man kicked his head.

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Bystanders helped Aliff leave the scene before authorities arrived.

He was escorted away from the place while looking disoriented.

Someone shouted at him in Malay asking him to avoid Geylang and go to Jurong instead.

This is not the first time Aliff caused a scene in public.

Bella Astillah plans to reconcile with Aliff Aziz. Picture: Instagram

He was arrested last November where he was shouting loudly and flashing in public.

Aliff is the ex-husband of Malaysian singer and actress Bella Astillah. It was also reported recently that Bella wants to reconcile with the actor-singer.

The reason the couple divorced was that he was allegedly had affairs with other women.

Bella said she will speak to her family about reconciliation with Aliff for the sake of their child.

Her family might most probably stop them from reconciliation due to Aliff’s unruly behaviour.

Aliff recently posted a photo of the two of them in a car. Bella also uploaded a photo of her holding the arm of a man whose face cannot be identified.

She told Berita Harian that the photo was taken at Universal Studios Singapore.

Their son turns three this year.

Despite all the controversy, Aliff still has the support of his fans.

This year, Aliff was caught flashing in public.

He was also charged for disorderly conduct and resisting arrest in Orchard Road last year.

The celebrity was accused of theft when he reportedly stole money from an Indonesian actress and lighter and cigarettes at Plaza Singapura.

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