AirAsia passenger causes ruckus after trying to upgrade to premium seat thrice without paying


An AirAsia passenger caused a ruckus after repeatedly trying to upgrade to a premium seat without forking out the money for it, earning the ire of her fellow passengers.

The woman reportedly purchased an economy ticket on an AirAsia flight bound for Hong Kong from Kuala Lumpur but attempted to move to a premium seat after she noticed that a row of seats in the flights premium class remained empty.

A flight attendant apparently instructed the woman to return to her seat, at which point the woman engaged in a four-to-five minute argument with the flight attendant. She eventually gave up and returned to her seat.

After the flight took off, however, the woman decided to try her luck again and attempted once more to move to a premium seat. She was caught by a flight attendant who instructed her to move back to the economy class. This did not deter the woman from trying to upgrade for the third time, but this time she was confronted by another irritated passenger.

Annoyed by the disturbances caused by the woman, passenger Bruce Lam scolded her and caught the exchange on camera. He reportedly scolded, “Just return to your seat. Once, twice, thrice, they asked you. Do you know shame at all.” The woman replied that it was none of Lam’s business but returned to her seat nonetheless.

Posted by Bruce Lam on Tuesday, 27 March 2018

Lam, who posted the video of his confrontation of the woman, apparently received a free cup of mineral water from the flight attendant following the exchange.