Aggressive driver parks illegally and threatens traffic officer to get lost when questioned


A video of a driver threatening a traffic regulations enforcement officer has been circulating on social media and on messaging apps like WhatsApp recently.

In the video, the enforcement officer approaches the driver who has parked his vehicle illegally along a Singapore road. When the officer asks the driver to move away from where he has parked, the driver refuses to and instead angrily alights the minibus he is driving.

The driver moves towards the officer in an aggressive fashion, points his index finger at the officer and warns him to leave – presumably before he does something worse:

The driver – who seems to work at a construction firm, based on his shirt – gesticulates wildly while instructing the officer to move off. He appears to tell the officer to go back to Malaysia during the heated exchange.

The officer backs away, while still filming the exchange, and tries to reason with the hostile driver to no avail. The driver continues threatening the officer in Malay until the officer moves away.

Shortly thereafter, the officer calls a colleague to report the incident. The phone call is partially captured on camera and the officer can be heard explaining that he filmed the exchange as he wanted to get a photo of the driver’s vehicle since he had broken parking regulations.

A short while later, the officer turns back towards the driver who can be seen with a Chinese man dressed in office wear. The Chinese man appears to be speaking with the driver who turns and warns the officer to stay away before the video ends.


  1. These days more true blue locals behaved unusually. We used to be obedient and law abiding under a credible G. These days, we tends to be not the same. We are uptight. These are serious buildups of frustrations owing to many daily work and life pressures. We lost our rights as First class citizens to FTs despite the fact that we are educated at TOP class universities. Such unhappiness and dissatisfactions in daily life permeates across all level of local life. Don’t miss this important and salient Point.

    What we see are the effects of such misbehaviours, but what is the underlying latent causes???

    • Parked double zig zag yellow oredi salah. No stopping at all times. Kena other traffic warden, snap photos, take video submit offence liao. 3 demerit points plus $130 fines…no spiak!

      If report police, this driver going to go court liao, lagi jialat.

    • Becos of the hatre against these gahmen civil servants who are perceived to be the henchmen of a greedy gahmen. But then they sometimes forget about laws n order.

      Granted, some of these traffic wardens can be really assholes and many are fts…so the general sentiment against them can be understandable. But I really do not condone any violence or unruly behaviour against a govt servant doing his job.

      I mean I oso kena saman before and also cursed them no end but no like this lah…This long hair clown macam gangster sia.

    • Kim Moon Tong I agree. Supporting gangsterish behaviour also says a lot of the person supporting. I understand the sentiment against government, their agencies and the frustration But we have laws for a reason. This is not a bloody cowboy town ok. Hating the Govt and obeying laws are mutually exclusive issues. You think you can suka suka flout the laws just cos you hate the govt? The mentality of some people. *shaking my head*

    • Wait till you see these Cisco idiot back in jb with their uniforms n Cisco bike park indiscriminately in Wong Ah fok, then you have second thoughts on them. They are no saints back in their own country.

    • When foreigners act like Cowboy/ Outlaws in your town, you better toughen up to stand up to them when your Sheriff/Mayor doesn’t give a damn, else you will be shoved and bullied the rest of your life.

    • I don’t support this Abg behaviour. But, this Malaysian CISCO outsourcing agent ones try be yaya papaya, with his gangster “aneh” look…..ask me what am doing at carpark….?

      Duh…waiting for other cars to go out la dey….! As far as I know, I never break any laws. Thankfully, my car got in-car camera – folks, that is an important device you must invest in.

      I cannot tahan, I wrote in for a complain. Next moment I know, he kena warning himself, as responded by the authority….

  2. Whether he’s from Manchester or Malaysia, it’s none of his business. His job is to drive safely and observe all rules. Surprisingly as a professional driver he does not know double zigzag lines, he cannot even stop there. How could he wait. LTA should review his suitability to continue as a professional driver.

  3. yeah…these M’sian enforcement officer are sore to my eyes. They act like thug & lack of manner. Yeah…just send them home
    By the way we all never had the chance to hear the other side of story. Racist pest who sounds like can be detected

    • What other side of story ? The double zig zag line was drawn on after video started ?Video footage started from the beginning till the driver alighted the bus and started his nonsense ?Who is the thug in this video ? Disgrace to Singaporeans !!! That FT officer most probability laughing his ass off …. You have proven him right about Singaporeans !!!!

  4. This is wat happen when u hv foreigners summoning true blue Singaporeans on our own homeland! Uniquely Singapore!
    Why don’t PAP outsource the whole cabinet as well!

  5. Officer already gave you a chance by asking you to drive off when he could have just summon you for parking along double zig zag line ….
    Did I heard vulgarity in Malay ? …..
    Don’t be a laughing stock to foreign talents lah ….you can’t even follow simple traffic rules and wanna talk so loudly ?

  6. When foreigners act like Cowboy/ Outlaws in your town, you better toughen up to stand up to them when your Sheriff/Mayor doesn’t give a damn, else you will be shoved and bullied the rest of your life.

  7. Yes this are the clown drivers who don’t follow rules and got the cheek to threaten the enforcement officer and he also need to mind his language sounds ever rude scolding all kind of words on the officer hope he gets a heavy fine and jail

  8. Steady brader…wa respect sama lu brader…
    After blocking..not a busy rd…so wats d problem parking a while there…
    So wat with double zigzag…still have to eat still have to go pangsai wat….this officer also cannot give n take….

  9. Most of the enforcement officers who are Malaysians seriously act yaya papaya…. They think they 1 big fuck cause they issue summons to us… But seriously I disagree with this uncle’s behavior… He needs a hair cut badly though….

  10. Firstly you park at double zig zack.
    Secondly you behave aggressively despite the officer ‍♀️ says he won’t take the picture.
    Lastly threaten the officer ‍♀️ by wanting to whack him, why threaten, if u got the balls whack him n face the music, I know sometimes these LTA Officers ‍♀️ don’t give chances but not are like them unless in high dense district..

  11. Pls don’t f the lta officer, will kana fine 3k. Sure lose 1.
    My frz kana, scold e officer 7 words(knnbccb) in hokkian, lta officer report police than next moment kana call up to count n fine. No 2nd words.

  12. Would he behaved same if it was a Traffic Police officer? You can never win by refusing to move and purely silly of him to have misbehaved and get himself Into hot soup.

  13. Here is my take. If one study the whole episode it appears this has all be staged. This guy wears a wig so very little of his facial impression. The whole “movie” is to justify having “Malaysians” and “Taiwanese” in place of Singaporeans maybe because Singaporeans are more forgiving so less money to collect. This is my take so you may think I am wrong, that is fine. It is just my impression. Now look at the publicity by the Ministry of Finance. They wanted to publicise the “goodness” and “intention” of the next budget. They got bimbos with their tektek sticking out hoping to make and impact and it fail. So you have a Minister who approves such publicity. What are they really thinking this highly paid ministers. These are my thoughts you have yours. I may be wrong but it is up to you to think. Anyway there are so many fake news from our national news media we do not know what is real.

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