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After Huawei S$54 phone fiasco, stores open on July 27 and S’poreans still try their luck




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Singapore – Huawei made it to the news again on July 26 (Friday) for a fiasco surrounding promotions for a S$54 phone.

With the upcoming National Day, retailers are banking on the occasion and introducing promotions to celebrate Singapore’s 54th anniversary.

Huawei slashed prices on its Y6 Pro 2019 series from the usual retail price of S$198 to S$54 for Singaporeans and permanent residents aged 50 and above as of December 31, 2019.

The promo was to last for three days, from July 26 to 28.

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Naturally, many wanted to get their hands on such a cheap smartphone, with queues forming at Huawei stores the day before the promotion.

Netizens posted updates on the situation across various Huawei outlets.

PSA. If any of your parents are thinking of queuing for the Huawei $54 phone, PLEASE. JUST. DON'T. If you haven't…

Posted by Xylvie Wong on Thursday, July 25, 2019

Unfortunately, the promotion was a disappointment for many as word soon got out that there was limited supply at each stores. Some even commented that there were as little as ten phones in stock for the promotion in certain outlets.

Moreover, Huawei indicated that each customer was entitled to two units at the discounted price.

Many went home empty-handed. News of a lady fainting outside a store, the police being called in to handle angry crowds and outlets closing early due to overwhelming demand was the result of the day of chaos.

According to Lianhe Zaobao, all ten Huawei concept stores reopened the following day, on July 27 (Saturday); however, with signs stating that the Huawei Y6 Pro phones were out of stock.

Nevertheless, members of the public tried their luck in getting their hands on the smartphones.

Zaobao reported one customer was heard speaking loudly at staffs saying “the phone being out of stock yesterday doesn’t mean there wouldn’t be stocks today.”

The Independent Singapore has reached out to Huawei for a statement.

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