Lifestyle Arts After her divorce, Malaysian singer Fish Leong focuses on career with a...

After her divorce, Malaysian singer Fish Leong focuses on career with a world tour next year

Ms Leong's marriage to Tony Chao ended on December 2 reportedly due to Chao's affairs




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Even though it may be heartbreaking, Malaysian singer Fish Leong is moving on from her recent divorce with wine merchant Tony Chao.

The singer’s agency has announced that the Malaysian songstress will be going on a world tour next year.

On Tuesday, a promotional poster of her upcoming tour was posted on Leong’s official Instagram.

Photo: Screengrab from Instagram

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Leong’s management company said that Leong will continue to play the dual role of singer and mother following the finalisation of Leong and wine merchant Tony Chao’s divorce on Monday.

Malay Mail quoted China Press as saying that Leong will be concentrating on preparing for the world tour.

Officially, Leong and Chao’s marriage ended on 2 December.

Earlier this year, rumours started that the couple were facing marital problems due to Chao’s past affairs.

That followed by the signing of divorce papers on 15 August.

Chao dispelled the rumours, countering that it was common for couples to argue.

However, Leong admitted during an event in September that her marriage with Chao has ended.

Reports show that Chao had been spotted at the home of a single mother Lin Yijie and spent time with her and Taiwanese celebrity Demi Lin holidaying in Singapore.

Other reports suggest Chao was spotted holding hands with Yijie in Taiwan. It seemed that the two looked like they were more than just friends.

Chao and Leong share custody of Anderson, their five-year-old son.

The couple have been married for nine years.

41-year-old Leong was upset over Chao’s fling with another woman but there are reports that she had forgiven him.

In February, the couple celebrated their ninth wedding anniversary in the Maldives.

Things still looked rosy when Chao posted a photo of Leong and their son in June. The couple met after being introduced to each other by her manager.

They tied the knot in Boracay, the Philippines in 2010 and Leong gave birth to her son Anderson Chao in 2014. -/TISG

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