Featured News After complaints from many irate Grab users, the ride-hailing firm postpones reductions...

After complaints from many irate Grab users, the ride-hailing firm postpones reductions in reward points




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On Friday, after ride-hailing firm GrabTaxi Holdings Pte. Ltd’s announcement (or lack of) about changes to its reward system saw many users of the service lashing out because of the quiet manner in which these changes were implemented and because of the huge reduction in rewards points that users faced.

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Previously, for the GrabPay system, Gold members used to earn 16 points for every S$1 spent, whereas after the change, they only earn 4.5 points.

Also, one needed 2,200 points for regular members, 2,100 points for silver members, 2,000 points for gold members, and 1,900 points for platinum members in order to redeem a S$5 cash rebate on the next Grab ride. However, the reduction saw everyone needing 2,200 points for the same S$5 cash rebate.

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After much backlash from unhappy users, Grab announced yesterday that they have postponed one of the changes to the rewards system.

While customers still earn fewer points per dollar spent on transport, members could claim ride rewards at the previous rates from 8am on Tuesday, July 24, until September 30.

A spokesperson from Grab said that the delay was so customers “would appreciate time to adjust to the changes”.

The spokesperson also said that, “Customers who have purchased Grab ride rewards based on the new rates will have the difference in points refunded.

Netizens were still very unhappy about the changes.

On Thursday, Grab is expected to submit a written representation appealing against the Competition and Consumer Commission of Singapore’s provisional decision which had proposed financial penalties, among other measures, after Grab’s merger with Uber.

Grab: We have considered the CCCS’s proposed directions and disagree with their analysis



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