After brickbats PA vouches for the ‘selfless dedication’ of its volunteers but prominent netizens don’t buy-in


The People’s Association (PA) has come to the defence of its volunteers after a stinging rebuke from former Non Constituency Member of Parliament, Gerald Giam, about the PA advertising perks to entice residents to join the grassroots organisation. In a Facebook post it described its volunteers as “exemplary men and women” with “selfless dedication”.

There have been some posts questioning the motivations of grassroots volunteers. We would like to place on record our…

Posted by The People's Association on Friday, 17 March 2017

Some of the PA’s grassroots volunteers praised the efforts of the volunteers, but yet others said the rewards they received for their work goes against the very ethos of volunteerism – among them are prominent socio-political commenters.

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One such commenter, Dr Paul Tambyah, in responding to the PA’s post said: It would be great then if perks such as special parking, primary school admission priorities, free courses, etc, are removed completely so that any hint of wrong motivations is eliminated, and the volunteers are not unfairly tainted because these perks are offered. Removal of all of these would send a strong message of support to these volunteers that we all really appreciate their selfless sacrifice.”

Another prominent socio-political commenter, Calvin Cheng, said: “‘Selfless dedication’ does not need to be rewarded by preferential access to primary schools.”