After 20K on medical treatment, stewardess’ beloved dog now on the mend

Photo: Screen Grab

The things we do for the love of “man’s best friend” indeed. Flight Attendant Huang Juan Li has spent $20,000 for medical treatments  for her dearly-loved black Cocker spaniel. She spent that money on seven different veterinary facilities since her 12 year old dog got sick in December of 2017.

Ms. Huang told the newspaper Lianhe Wanbao that she “adopted” the dog from a friend who used to ask her to care for the dog when he was away She grew to love the dog dearly, and later on asked to keep it. The friend said yes, and she and the dog have been constant companions for more than a decade. 

She told Lianhe Wanbao, “This dog has character and isn’t friendly to just anyone. Somehow, it is very compatible with me. It would rely on me for everything, and that was why I wanted to keep him.”


Now that the dog is over 80 years old in human age, she worries every time he falls ill, which is why when the dog began to show signs of sickness last year, she immediately sought medical help.

The doctors who treated the dog were not very optimistic at first, telling Ms. Huang that the diagnosis of a low red blood cell count required specialized treatment. And even then, when her dog did not improve, Ms. Huang searched for other veterinary hospitals for a cure, and even brought in medicine from other countries to help her beloved pet.

In spite of the high amount she paid, Ms. Huang has never wavered in her devotion and faith in seeking a cure. “My dog’s life is still a life. If there is hope, I will keep trying and never give up.”

Last month, in early May, the dog finally showed signs of recovery, and began to regain energy and playfulness. With great relief, Ms. Huang said, “My dog is slowly recovering. This makes me feel that the time and money I spent were all worth it.”