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Activists organise Guerrilla Art Hunt at Sungei Road Market




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Activists are organising a Guerilla Art Hunt at the market this weekend as a gesture against the Government’s decision to close the Sungei Road Market which is a local place of interest due to its rich history and heritage.

The event organisers released a press statement on the event this week:

Guerilla Art Hunt is an artistic gesture registering the disappointment on the authorities’ decision to close the Sungei Road Market.
The artworks are inserted into the market and the public invited to spot them when they shop in the market. Photograph and share your discoveries on Instagram with the hashtag #GuerillaArtHuntSungeiRoadMarket. 
Spot the artworks by Akai Chew, Chen Ziwei, Cynthia Suwito, Dyn Hamid, Faiz Bin Zohri, Jeremy Chu, Jeremy Hiah, Marla Bendini, Rocky Chan Lok Ken, Seelan Palay, Tan Wenlin, Woon Tien Wei, Yen Phang, Zulkhairi zulkiflee.
Sungei Road Market has since the 1930s is a place to hunt for goods and treasures. It is the last few remaining forms of organic cityscape in Singapore. The market served as a vital marketplace during the war, survived the British withdrawal in 1971, demolition and eviction by the authorities in 1982.  The vendors returned to jump-start the market in 1985. Next Tuesday (11th July 2017), the authorities will attempt again to evict the vendors and close the market.
Visit the market this weekend and feel the spirit of Sungei Road Market.

The Art Hunt will take place at Larut Road from 1pm to 7pm, this Saturday and Sunday, 8 and 8 July 2017. For more information, visit www.post-museum.org or contact Akai Chew at 98001460 or kai.chewhk@gmail.com or Woon Tien Wei at 92386609 or woon.tienwei@gmail.com.

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