Activist rolls out ‘Adopt a Homeless’ programme on Chinese New Year’s day

Noted activist Gilbert Goh is pioneering a new ‘Adopt a Homeless’ programme, which he has launched today on Chinese New Year.

Goh, who has been helping the homeless as well as the unemployed and underemployed, revealed the news on Facebook as he shared a video of a homeless man he has been helping.

The activist hopes that those interested to “adopt” homeless man or others like him need not provide money or bring them to their homes, they only need to buy such disadvantaged people a good meal whenever possible.

Goh believes that a friendly face will surely cheer the homeless, especially the elderly homeless like the man below, and that such efforts will bring love and warmth into these individuals’ lives:

We took a short video interview with a homeless man during our Chinatown distribution two weeks ago.This elderly man…

Posted by Gilbert Goh on Friday, 16 February 2018

“This elderly man in his 70s spoke about his homeless experience and how he survives with two meals a day from a nearby church. He has being sleeping out in the street for a couple of months.
“When we were out distributing blankets and goody bag, we found him lying down on a bench at the hawker centre. He is very chatty and open.
“I also took him out for a reunion dinner few days ago at a nearby coffeeshop and he ate heartily.
“We are starting a Adopt A Homeless programme and if you want to adopt him as our first homeless elderly, please let us know. We can bring you to meet him for a chat first and your main duty is simply to visit him occasionally and buy him a good meal whenever possible. There is no need to give him cash or bring him back to your home.
“He tends to sit in the Chinatown hawker centre alone the whole day and a occasional friendly face will surely cheer him up alot. Let this homeless elderly experience love and warmth while he lives out his remaining years alone in the street.
“He speaks mostly Mandarin, walks with a hunch back and is independent.
“We will roll out more homeless folks for adoption soon in the near future. Each person can adopt one homeless elderly only.
“Let this new year be a happy year of giving…”


  1. A very good initiate indeed. But why are there so many homeless people, perhaps we need to tackle the root of the problems instead. Blessings to all who extend a hand to those who need help

  2. I can clearly see some old people and homeless people struggling in grinding poverty in Singapore.

    Gilbert Goh is a very good man for helping the homeless.

  3. Something is NOT right
    Why no roof over their heads
    If they eligible for rental flats but choose to be “HOMELESS ”
    Still waiting for rental flat
    Can’t live in harmony with family or flat mate?

    So much money is allocated to social service or setting up family centers
    Why homeless problem still exists?

    Though is a good initiative that Mr Goh and his team have embarked
    Shouldnt the “HELP “offers as a complimentary instead of solving homeless problem?

    Our Social Service umbrella has too many tiny holes
    And could not provide a good enough shield?

  4. I seen many many other races also homeless n some seems so lost n talking to themselves. I wish to help bt im helpless

  5. To be honest about it, many people talk a lot or write a lot online. When it comes to REALLY helping, they will disappear.

    Same with those who post here as Anonymous. They write a lot about how bad the PAP is but they only wait for others to stand for election while they hide. This is why there are som many people posting as Anonymous here which makes this site a joke.

  6. The truth is grinding poverty among the elderly who are not supported by their family members. They are also not able to work and earn a regular income. Let’s help the homeless.

  7. >Same with those who post here as Anonymous. They write a lot about how bad the PAP is but they only wait for others to stand for election while they hide. This is why there are som many people posting as Anonymous >here which makes this site a joke.

    Why? Cannot is it meh. If people want to post anonymously, it is their choice lah! Why must follow you is it?

  8. Singapore’s rich people are stingy as hell.
    They do not want to help the homeless and they tell others not to help them as well.
    It cost SGP $18 to rent a hostel bed per day.
    It is so cheap and the rich still do not want to help.
    The below-mentioned suggestion is also very stingy.

    >Sometimes just a phone call or a visit with some fruits and snacks. Keep under $10 once in two weeks or >even once a month

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