Activist helps poor and needy during CNY only to get flamed by some netizens


Noted local activist Gilbert Goh has been handing out ang baos to the poor and needy in Singapore in the prelude to Chinese New Year. While his kindness has largely been praised, with some even being inspired by Goh to give from their own pockets, one photo of an elderly beneficiary that Goh helped has irked some netizens.

The photo in question features an elderly cleaner who works at West Mall in Bukit Batok. Goh shared her picture on his Facebook page yesterday and wrote: “She looks sad sweeping the floor so I thought an angpow will cheer her up but still her face looks sombre. Of course she was almost in tears…”

While many netizens thanked Goh for his generosity, some flamed the activist for exposing the woman’s photo online, sparking heated debate between themselves and other netizens who came to Goh’s defense:


  1. What Gilbert Goh deed should inspired all Singaporeans to give back, big or little doesn’t matter. He went overseas too to help the poor community too. Look at Ellen Degeneres, she has her own talk show and help people all across United States. No one complains about her publicity. Its the Singaporean mindset.. its really disappointing.

  2. If you give this cleaning job to youngsters with a good salary they will have money for education and become better citizens. These people should be given a home and some rest. Money is useful only to a certain age after that something else takes over. A small country like Singapore can only do small acts of kindness. They need more help than this and many are put in dire situations. Capitalism is for the rich and greedy who don’t see life as a precious gift. Soon life will become a commodity. Human life is a place for no errors. Take it or leave it. And it takes a human life to help other life forms. Miss it and never see it again

    • I think it is an interesting idea for students/youngsters to take up cleaning job. They can learn alot and shouldnt be frown upon (by parents/ society). Its just temporary and they can learn alot when they embark upon they adult life.

  3. These r iBs who adopt the persona of Activists w goodwill for the people, to create Fake News about netizens – they may come fast & furious but they die when they don’t get paid mercenary tokens. (Like for fake protesters in the US, George Soros is turning bankrupt for so much pay-outs)

  4. Flames for what? Isn’t that some of the ministers said “Singaporean should help each other”. Now what!! Cannot!! Because it doesn’t fit the IBs agenda is it.

  5. Okay for the same people to praise and defend PM Lee for showing two lovers kissing but they are up in arms over this? I guess when you are on the side of power, you need zero logic.

  6. …Whatever it is, whether with good intention or seeking fame o..only he himself will know. Pls give him the benefits of doubt..STOP ALL THIS..we will live in HARMONY…cheers

    • If it is as you say, that we live in harmony, then the person who should stop all this is Gilbert Goh.

      • Or rather, “we WILL live in harmony”…

        Hard to give Gilbert the benefit of he doubt because he is no random stranger, a mere unknown uncle who was doing good.

  7. Gilbert is not some lowly educated simple mind uncle. He ought to know that there is a possibility that the cleaning woman might be camera-shy. Did he ask her if she mind her photo is on the internet?

    She is not some object to be displayed at a museum for public viewing, of some kind of a poster girl of “someone who has to work as a cleaner, and this is what PAP has done to Singaporeans”.

    If his intention was merely to do a good thing in remembering cleaners, then heaven, I am sure, has eyes to see. There is no need to put this on cyberspace…

  8. There is also a need to create awareness of the issues. Gilbert is right to do that, rendering help as well as raising the issues.

    If there is enough help from the establishment, there is no place for Gilbert’s so call “wayang”. Rather than stepping in to help further, shameless PAP apologists are preventing help, so as to cover up the problems and to down play what PAP government is not doing, as well as her greedy, uncaring, selfish evil traits.

  9. Gilbert’s intend is definitely good and genuine. The track record and consistent actions in the past already proved a lot.

    Not so for those creating suspicion and criticizing him for doing a good deed, what have they contributed to help build a better society and not neglecting those underprivileged?

  10. Truth and justice should not be silenced and untold. The PAP government cannot be trusted.

    More good could be done by being a nobody than being an open target board for the evil regime.

  11. Let’s reflect. I see Gilbert is not here to gain publicity for himself nor harbour any self-serving motive. I see this as an act to remind each of us, we can do something for the less fortunate around us. A little help will mean alot to them.

  12. Does someone’s else views mattered to you so much?
    Their qualities of lives are probably not as beautiful as yours.
    Move on… Have a mindset that begins with merciful to yourself and next to all around us.

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