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Academic says MOE is increasing school fees to prompt more PRs to take up citizenship




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The Ministry of Education announced today (11 Oct) that it will raise school fees for non-Singaporeans from January 2017. The increase will take effect from January next year. School fees will increase by $20 to $60 per month for permanent resident students and by $20 to $150 per month for international student. School fees for students who are Singapore Citizens will remain unchanged. The changes are as follows.
9 10 11 12While most Singaporeans have appreciated the differentiation, foreigners who responded to the Straits Times story of the fee increase published in its Facebook were apprehensive.

Jim Cks from Malaysia:
1Steve Tran Dai Phu from Vietnam:
3Pinky Kim also from Vietnam:

Hartono Ng from Indonesia:
5Asha Subramaniam from India:

Dr Derek da Cunha, a Singaporean academic in the field of the social sciences assumes that the differentiation is being made sharper to prompt more PRs to take up citizenship.

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Commenting on a Facebook post of the ST report he said: “The Government has already stated that it plans to have up to 25,000 new citizens a year. It wants more applications from PRs so that its choices — i.e., getting a pool of good applicants — are not limited. Politically, the planning parameters appear to be to look forward to two elections from now. This is purely an assumption on my part.”

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