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The Independent brings independent perspective on news and current affairs in Singapore. It is a platform owned and operated by journalists. Started on the 9th of August 2013, the news website brings in-depth perspective and analysis on current affairs, economics and politics in Singapore.


Kumaran Pillai

Kumaran is currently managing both the editorial and business at The Independent. He has been overseeing the editorial since June 2017. In less than two years, he turned the business into a viable venture by introducing programmatic ad-networks and implementing a more balanced and fact based editorial.

Under his stewardship, TISG currently boasts about  1.5M unique monthly visitors and in excess of 5.5M monthly hits.

Kumaran also manages Apple Seed, a venture accelerator based in Singapore. He has incubated close to 180 startups since 2015.

Prior to this, Kumaran won the Global Itanium Solutions Award in 2008 and a Highly Commended Alumni of University of Queensland.

Kumaran is a Jefferson Fellow at the East West Centre, a think tank headquartered in Washington DC.

Our current editorial team

Consulting Editor: Tan Bah Bah
Assistant Editor & Leader Writer: Jewel Stolarchuk
Assistant Editor: Obbana Rajah
Business Editor: Kazi Mahmood
Sub Editor: Jasmime Kaur
Tech Correspondent: Lydia Koh
News Desk: Anna Maria, Hana Otsuka, Gemma Iso
Lifestyle & Travel: Miren Gonzales
Contributors: Rebecca Wong, Laura Zhang, Hui Xin, Tang Li, Andrew Loh, Howard Lee, Vernon Chan & Others

Past Editors

Ravi Philemon: Dec 2015 – May 2017
PN Balji: Aug 2013 – June 2014