A doctor’s prescription on ‘who is a Malay’ could settle Halimah’s Malay credentials


Who is a Malay? The debate is still raging in Singapore with many disputing the Malay credentials of the PAP’s Presidential election’s candidate.

But a doctor’s prescription on who is a Malay in Malaysia could save Halimah Yacob the day in the court of the social-media haranguers.

The book A Doctor In The House could eventually settle the issue of ‘who is a Malay’ and could endorse Halimah’s Malay credentials

In the good old days of the print media dominance, attacks from several parties against a particular person would have been called  ‘trial by the press’. But in Halimah’s case, it is purely a trial by the social-media and many are still unhappy with her racial origin.

The question for them is whether there is a violation of the electoral rules where only candidates of ‘Malay’ origin can contest in the presidential elections.

There has been a lot of arguments on Halimah’s Indian origin, which would disqualify her as the PAP’s candidate.

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However, Dr. Mahathir Mohamad, the former Prime Minister of Malaysia who came under attack recently on his racial origins, gave the simplest prescription of all on who really is a Malay.

In a response to the Zahid Hamidi, Malaysian Minister of Home Affairs (formerly Minister of Defense) who attacked Mahathir’s status as a Malay, the doctor said in a laconic way that it is true he has Indian blood in his veins.

Refusing to play the racial card brandished by the ruling Umno party, Mahathir simplified the meaning of being a Malay by saying to be a Malay, one has to speak the Malay language, follow the Malay customs and be a Muslim.

Thus, the Indian blood does not disqualify Mahathir from being a Malay, a status of which he said he is very proud of.

Zahid, in a desperate attack on Mahathir, made a fuss on the latter’s racial origin brandishing a picture of an old identification card of the former PM as proof of his ‘Indianness’.

The Umno leader – Zahid is deputy leader of the all Malay party – lambasted Mahathir on what he said was his ‘abuse’ of the Malay race repeating an ancient saying of Mahathir who once said ‘the Malays easily forget.’

But turning the tables over Zahid – who is said to be of Indonesian origin and who has unleashed a storm against his own racial origin on local social-media networks in Malaysia – Mahathir’s book said the former PM cannot take the blame for his Indian origin.

“I admit I have Indian blood or to be correct I have South Asian blood streaming in my veins, but from which small part of India did my grand parents come, I do not know,” he wrote in his memoirs A Doctor In The House.

“I am a Malay and I am proud of it. I am a Malay not on paper. But from the sentiment and the pride, I am also a Malay,” his writing in the memoirs said.

Recently, Mahathir said the question of who is a Malay should not be raised since many among the Malays in Malaysia, for example, did not know their origins.

Many had Indonesian blood, Indian or Arab blood that could be traded to Yemen and so on.

To be a Malay, said Mahathir, is no more an ethnic thing as today it is more of a legal matter.


  1. If you are an Indian who embraced Islam you are just an Indian Muslim just like a Chinese who embraces Islam as Chinese Muslim. However in both cases it doesnt mean u both are Malays.

    • According to papigs they can change to become more malay or Indian to suit their goals, vivian Bala could turn from Indian to Chinese in next ge grc, and u also have to accept if grace fuc is in an indian

    • Its sinful for her to deny her parentage. I would have respected her if she were to declare she is borne an Indian but embraces Islam and the Malay community had supported her as part of that community. She is now an Indian Muslim.

    • Abdul Rahim Suef, don’t be a bodoh. Like that half of my family relatives are Malay. But we are not as dumb as you and actually accept that we are Indians. You should know your logic is horribly flawed.

      Like that means as long as one of the parents is either Chinese or Indian then the children is brought up to that culture, they become of that race. Don’t be stupid and simple minded la.

    • Small kids don’t know abt history don’t understand legality. We hv our Malay committee to justify if you are Malay. The committee hv accepted her 4 times. Why other races try to act on our behalf?

    • Abdul Rahim Suef, if that’s your reasoning, then why does Mendaki dont give financial support to those born from an Indian father and Malay mother? Mendaki seems to imply that those born not of a Malay father is never a Malay although their mother is one.

      • You are wrong …if ur indian muslim or of Malay indian parentage ..if u first go to sinda then u can’t go to mendaki ..if u first went to mendaki u can’t go to sinda ..if ur a Indian muslim and follow Indian muslim culture ( they are distinct diffrence) then u go Sinda ..but u follow the Malay culture including the language u go mendaki

    • Abdul Rahim Suef, dont get me wrong. I am not here to stir for a racial quarrel. Yes, your Malay community had accepted her 4 times. I am not denying this and I respect that decision. However accepting her as part of that community doesnt changed her parentage composition. At most she ia a muslim accepted by the Malay community. More accurate an Indian muslim.

    • The definition of being Malay also stated in the constitution on both Singapore and Malaysia. Although Malaysia Constitutions are even more strict but she still qualify even if we use that.

    • The article defines a “Malay” as a person who professes the religion of Islam, habitually speaks the Malay language, conforms to Malay custom and (a) was before Merdeka Day born in the Federation of Malaya or in SINGAPORE or born of parents one of whom a MALAY was born in the Federation or in SINGAPORE, or is on that day domiciled in the Federation or in Singapore …

    • Abdul Rahim Suef, so if an angmoh were to be married to a Malay lady, he too can be classified as a Malay? So it seems that as long as one converts to be a muslim he is sure a Malay?

    • I give another example; if a Malay man married to a Chinese lady. They hv children, the father either divorce or passed away and the children was brought up by the mother and conform with Chinese customs, the children will be defined as Chinese by the community although the IC reflects it is a Malay.

    • Abdul Rahim Suef, thank you for ur clarification. So it looks like there lies a different in interpretation of a Malay between the state and the Malay community. So it is possible for a Malay not to be classified as a Malay by the Malay community if he chooses not to follow Malay custom although his NRIC state so.

    • Abdul Rahim Suef

      It’s foolish to define Malay as only professing to Islam. What about Malays who are Christians and Hindus? I have a Malay Friend who profess the Hindu faith, does that mean he is not Malay?. Prior to the arrival of Islam most Malays in this regions were Hindus, weren’t they not Malays?

      Sang Nila Utama, Parameswara weren’t indian, they were of somewhat Malay origins professing Hindu faith.

    • Robert Tan

      If a Malay chooses not to follow Islam. The underlying factor here is islam. If a Malay is not Muslim, than he is not Malay. They have equated race with religion.

    • Sankarshan Das, it will make more sense for the Malay community to classified this group of Malays who chose to abandon Islam as outcast instead! They are still Malay as far as race is concern.

    • Mr Tan, you’re right. My friend married to a Eurasian and divorced with 2 kids with the mother got the custody. They grew up and conform with Eurasian customs, both can’t speak Malay. Although their IC is Malay, they may not fit when come to representing the Malay community.

    • Abdul Rahim Suef, since their ic reflect them as Malay they get to have Mendaki’s support as oppose to others who have Indian or Chinese father and Malay mother who will not have the support of Mendaki although they can be counted as a Malay. Where is the logic?

    • @sankarshan das … as Malay is also known as Muslim by default but no one can force you to remain as Muslim. When this happen, you should know where you stand within the community. You may remain to claim that you’re Malay based on your IC but they may not be acceptable by the community when come in representing them. and I would not think that this non-Muslim Malay would want to be associated with the Malay in normal cases.

    • Abdul Rahim Suef, I know in Malaysia once u are a Malay u will forever remain one. The law doesnt not allow u to abandon Islam. In Malaysia a Malay cannot consume food in public during their fasting time during fasting month. The authority can prosecute them. Over here in Spore the law cannot be applied on them. At most Mendaki can only advise them but cant take legal action.

  2. Is Dr Tan C.B. a Malay? my impression is that he is Peranakan.
    < The constitutional amendment ratified last year stipulates a Malay as “any person, whether of the Malay race or otherwise, who considers himself to be a member of the Malay community and who is generally accepted as a member of the Malay community by that community”.>

  3. Another crooked bridge idea from ….. XMsia PM?

    Does this crooked bridge idea come from this same clan of mix races. Do they belong to the same …… M /I culture?

    Just worry for our own citizens.

    Just my opinion

  4. Fucklah. Let it rest already. If they want a dragon to be the president, they will get it. What’s the big deal. These people have Malay mothers. eat think breathe drink do practise Malay things. So they are Malays. Malays are accommodating people. Moreover, this segregation of people by race is a practice by our colonial masters. Before that, Malays, who are well known for accepting people of all skin and colours don’t really care about your origin. Look at how accepting Malays are of the peranakans. Not many people know that long long long time ago, the peranakans and Malays were like brothers and sisters because the regular Chinese didn’t like the peranakans. So stop this shit. You will get a PAP goon as the next president.

  5. Someone who keeps denying and does not want to recognise her actual race for the sake of money and her own propaganda, such person can never be trusted no matter how high her post is! I certainly will not respect such person!

    • Who are they Malay ?
      The sons of the soil (Malaya) people that were born when the land was named “Malaya” year ? How many pure Malay are there in Singapore

    • PK Ang
      If you say are true then it makes our gov looks stupid isn’t it? It’s the MIW wanted a “Malay” President. Go back and ask your supporter who is trying to be funny.
      IMHO President election should not be racist.

    • Peter Lim ,
      You think in a open election, the Malay or other minority can beat the Chinese ?

      Just 20% voted on racial line, there’s 400,000 votes advantages for the Chinese.. what is The Minority Act for ? If not in practice.,

    • The article in the Constitution defines a “Malay” as a person who professes the religion of Islam, habitually speaks the Malay language, conforms to Malay custom and (a) was before Merdeka Day born in the Federation of Malaya or in SINGAPORE or born of parents one of whom a MALAY was born in the Federation or in SINGAPORE, or is on that day domiciled in the Federation or in Singapore …

    • Only older generation Chinese like Mr Ang understand the sensitivity of race here in Singapore. Only people like him understand what Article 152 & 153 of Constitution are for. Very sad that the younger generation have forgotten the history on what had happened here before.

    • PK Ang

      Then why she ditch her GRC? Isn’t she was elected for the purpose of having a minority in the GRC? Where is her integrity? You tell me!
      I believe there are more Malay out there that are more qualified then her. Besides having in the white clan for so long I don’t think she can be that independent then someone who are not.
      And PK Ang, you being a supporter of PAP will go all out to promote anyone that was introduce by MIW. Don’t deny this. From your way you reply to all the peoples here it show how you have been loyalty to the supreme white.

    • Peter Lim
      If you are not dumb you must still have a little brain..Mdm leave the GRC to serve all Singaporeans at the highest Institution of our land.. what is wrong with it ?

      I’m supporter of team that shows good results, honesty, integrity, commitment n foresight.. be it any party, did the opposition parties showed good alternatives all these years.. 1959 till now?

      Just named us 8 good leaders outside the ruling party..I bet, you can’t named even named one with your total honesty if you have !!!

    • PK Ang

      I don’t agree with you.
      And I never even mention opposition party. You think I think highly of them too?
      You are really being brain wash. I really cannot write to someone like you any more. I will have to block your commend if your start to behave in this way. Twisted mind fellow

    • Yes, there more Malay Candidates out there.. Who come forward ? You know them ?
      They have track records for you to consider? I’m not saying they’re no good but I need reasons to vote for anyone of the candidates..unlike you ! Any ex PAP is no good..I called such thinking as anti management.,….

    • PK Ang

      She left because she was told by her boss. Do you know a President have to sign the death note in order to hang anyone? And you want a her to sign a kill order?
      For 5 years she would earn millions salary for the price she paid. And what kind of great job have all our President done so far except for Mr Ong TC. When he died, PAP didn’t give him a decent funeral.
      Don’t you see. Pappy only want a obedient pet. Not a real President that can help Singaporean.

    • Its not that I want to angkat this Mr Ang. But he is the person who hv seen the transformation. He knows best for Singapore. Remember, we try to be as one but seems it may take decades or even centuries if we hv more ppl with ideology like Peter Lim.

    • Abdul Rahim Suef
      As I have said before. There should only Singaporean. One type of people here.
      Goto Canada and you will understand when they said Canadian, it means Canadian. No white no black no yellow.

    • I am not pro-PAP but every elections, it gave me NO CHOICE as there is NO other individual or parties that can convince me that they can take care of my family, my children …. aside from their popular manifesto.

    • Peter Lim
      You really ?
      Why assume the nonsense.,

      What about OTC ?
      A good card to play against PAP current leadership is it, why not also mention LKY, GKS, LKS n the rest of the founders of PAP..

      You know why you people are doing these ?

      The opposition parties have nothing to compare with the government of the day.. that’s about it ! Cheap politics, what a shame …!!!

      What was President OTC last statement he made? You don’t know? Here it is !

      A good Government (is what we have) is better than a good President..now go n do your own reading of what I tell you..n don’t make a fool of yourself !

    • Abdul Rahim Suef
      There are some words he said that puzzle me. First he said Malay hardly stand a chance in PE then he said the opposition isn’t good enough.
      My point is, nevermind if you are Malay or not. If you got what it takes to be a good President, just go for it. It’s the stupid gov want to be racist. We cannot be sure if opposition can’t do the jobs. Remember LKY was once an opposition too. He was even arrested by British.
      Personal I don’t mind if he/she is a Malay India Chinese or any other people. As long as he is good, he had my support.

    • I agree with Mr Ang. Even you have a superb Malay candidate, I don’t think he can stand a chance. We are not colour blind yet. And I also knowledge that we Malay do not have sufficient candidate to place in the PE due to the stringent criteria. I can tell you, we hv Abdullah Tarmugi, Yaakop Ibrahim who are qualified but again …. do the Malay community agree to that? My PERSONAL opinion, is that the Malay community more than happy to accept Halimah (although the IC reflect as Indian) than the earlier 2 where they have non-Malay spouse that does not conform to Malay custom.

    • Don’t you feel proud to the world that Singapore who is govern by a Chinese has a MALAY president. It show that we are true multi-racial. Show it to our neighbors …. !!! Try to read about what happen during the Jakarta Governor Election earlier this year. Look at Malaysian politics …..

    • Abdul Rahim Suef
      I like what you say. But the fact is that to other country. She is an India and always will be. Already my Indonesia friend were saying when is our India President coming out. Even before we had a chance to cast our vote.

    • Actually her physical appearance does not shows that she even 1% Indian. (Look at the article enclosed below – see if there no such naughty voices, what do think? Is she look like from an Indian family? … or brought up in Indian customs?)

      These came out from a naughty voices just to discredit her eligibility just because either it is a reserve election or she is from PAP or Tan Cheng Bock are not qualified. Other than that I don’t see other serious issue on her candidacy ….

  6. As Long you can be a yes sir man or woman, they can change the rules for you to change what you or they can bend the rules to what they like as Long you don’t question them..

  7. On second thought. She might be a Malay you know, if her biological father is a malay. You know what I mean? Her real daddy! If not I don’t understand why she insisted she is a Malay when daddy is India!!!

  8. Mahathir, are you senile? So I, a Indian by birth, can speck malay, practice the Malay culture and convert to islam, can automatically qualify to be a malay. What theN happens to by indian origin and my Indian Blood. Mahathir, however you twist you are a DKK to the Malays.

  9. Muslim is not Malay, Malay is not Muslim.
    Buddhist is not Chinese, Chinese is not Buddhist.
    Hindu is not Indian, Indian is not Hindu.
    Christian is not Ang Mo, Ang Mo is not Christian.

    So, the presidential election this year, to be it on the right context, is reserved for Muslim-candidates, not Malays.

  10. Why all this non-stop argument?? If Singapore Govt is really an honest government, then PAP should publish Halimah’s NRIC showing her race before the election. Well PM & all Ministers, are you all HONEST?????

  11. Once you are a Muslim then you become the part of Islamic society,this all Muslims are brothers and Sister regardless of race , reliable or language.Its though for the non Muslim to understand but as you have seen when any Muslims are troubled Muslims from Morocco to Indonesia will standup.

  12. Look around you. There are many Muslims around you that most of us Chinese would call ‘Malays’ but who are actually of Indian/Arab/Pakistani descent. Nobody would hv questioned Halimah if it was not widely reported that she was half-Indian. Even in the Malay news, Indian or Arab Muslims would be proudly acknowledged as ‘Malays’, or part of the Malay/Muslim community. At least, Halimah is half Malay.
    And I hope that those who are vocal abt her being ‘half-Indian’ will be equally vocal abt the PM position being reserved for the Chinese.

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