Featured News 97-year old lady sells fruits and vegetables at condominium corridor to allegedly...

97-year old lady sells fruits and vegetables at condominium corridor to allegedly “get food on her table and her daily allowance”

Several netizens have called the elderly woman's 'poverty' into question saying that she is in fact quite well off. This was according to a Facebook post by Samuel Lee who had initially pleaded her case to the public saying they should buy fruits from her despite the higher price




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A 97-year old lady sells fruits and vegetables she buys from a nearby supermarket in order to make some money.

One netizen, Samuel Lee, shared on Facebook about how the elderly woman is “so weak and fragile but still make (sic) an effort to come out every Friday, Saturday and Sunday, pushing a grocery trolley full of fruits, potatoes etc, which is super heavy given her age. Just for a living”.

She sells fruits and vegetables bought from Sheng Shiong supermarket at a slightly higher price so as to make a living. Setting up Styrofoam boxes with produce along the 1st floor of a corridor at Thomson VTwo condominium, the netizen wrote that “she is a very honest old granny as she will tell you that she sells fruits which she bought from Sheng Shiong and will sell it at a slightly higher price for a living. However, he added that “because of that, no one is willing to buy from her as they can get direct from Sheng Shiong at a cheaper price”.

The man wrote, “Help her to get food on her table and her daily allowance”.

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However, later in the day, Lee updated his Facebook post with an update, saying, “Many have reached out to me regarding this post stating that she is well taken care of (which is glad to hear) and some even claim that she is filthy rich, she does this because she wants to..etc etc..”

But the point he shared was to support the elderly lady because even at her age she wished to support herself by making a living. /TISG

Samuel’s full post:

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