94 percent of readers think parliament is not the right platform to address serious accusations against PM Lee by his siblings

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On 21 June we asked our readers if they think Parliament is the right platform to address the serious accusations PM Lee’s siblings have made against him, or if an independent Inquiry is a better platform. And of the 349 respondents, 94 percent of them are of the opinion that Parliament is not the right platform to properly address such accusations.

79 percent of the same respondents think that an independent Inquiry would be the right platform to properly address the accusations.

The following are some selected comments from the respondents.

Lee Kuan Yew’s children have chosen Facebook as the platform to have their squabble on. The younger children have levelled some serious accusations against the older child. They have expressed that they have no confidence in their older brother, who is also the Prime Minister of Singapore, to lead the country. PM Lee has responded to the accusations saying he will address them in parliament on 3rd July.

Prior to the Parliamentary address and debate, several Ministers have spoken up in support of PM Lee. Mr Lee Hsien Yang has also alleged that PM Lee is getting his Ministers to insult Lee Kuan Yew.

PM Lee is getting his Ministers to insult Lee Kuan Yew claims Hsien Yang


  1. Do what the whites do best. Sue the siblings and send the case to the courts where all sides of the story and accusation can be heard and address. That’s if pinkie dares to do it to answer genuine questions and hard questions without the backing of his govt.

  2. An Independent committee sans PAP cronies, civil service n d military involvement would make d eventual findings credible n more acceptable to d citizens

  3. What’s the purpose for a one sided story telling in parliament? As indicated, ministerial committee is common. Why not an independent committee comprising some opposition members?

    • @ Lim Kim Seng: I fully agree with you. But, Bo Pian. ‘We decide what is right. Never mind what the people think’, is still the motto of the lawless PAP. Only thing we can do now is PILE ON THE PRESSURE! It is a foregone conclusion that PM LHL will have his way and 38 Oxley Road will be used in accordance to the dishonourable son’s will! But, this idiot with the stupid brain does NOT even know that he is holding on to a time bomb! How is he going to face the public? And, not least The World!

  4. Boy oh boy…… now you can see the lies coming from the cronies. As I said before the downfall of the ruling party is not the opposition but from within. The trust is no longer there. The in-fighting in the party and the nasty things you hear from their very own grassroots about the leadership. I like to watch the fun. One must always remembers LKY and his old guards are gone. KAPUT! Gone. What you have today are people who wants money on the table first before taking office. That don’t happen in politics but in Singapore politics only where one is lured into politics for the sake of $$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$ You 70% are do dumb!

  5. Bring it up to an Independent Court, or an International Court. Cant trust our local judges either, possible of bias and prejudice as well.

  6. Much as we like to fantasise about it, I really don’t think any institution is independent in Singapore. Given the small size of the local population, most people are connected somehow, especially amongst the elites. So whether we call for a court hearing or a COI, most of them will tow the line out of fear of being persecuted by 20 people in the Lee Cabinet.

    The only way is for the 40% swayers to wake up and cast their political votes for more opposition seats in parliament so that laws cannot be treated like toilet paper.

  7. 7th will made on 2013
    Lky pass away on 2015
    Total 7 wills made within 2yrs between 2011-2013…if lky want his house retain he could draft 8th will or more wills right?b4 he pass away he still have 2 yrs to make any changes but he didn’t so I think his 7th will was his last/final will/wishes..so isn’t it very obvious LKY wanted his house to be demolish!!

  8. Did CCS challenged Sylvia lim to court when he asked her if she has doubt on LHL integrity? Where is he now? Someone steps on his master tail, why CCS didn’t even bark

  9. Well, it have come this time my foresight of what going to happen to the island of Singapore is pretty true in deeds and I’ve kept on saying that for the last few years under a different identity and it also the FACT and REALITY that Singaporean think i’m a trouble-maker….

    BUT I’m NOT I’m just saying that when a Party like the PAP who have rules for so many years and let me tell you all die-heart Singaporean of your principle of your damn LIFE….”They (PAP) are the only one that can manage our country….WELL…”WRONG” the longer a person into ruling the country they become very easily “Legal Corrupted & Corruption will SEAT in when one rule the country long enoght” to lace a person/leaders into “Taking advantage of the TRUST” GREED…they (PAP) draft out POLICIES that says , “We Reserve the RIGHT to ROB you LEGALLY with their Housing Policies & Minimum Sums of Money in CPF” you IDIOTS Singaporean never LEARNED the word well enough and NOT just the Damn Older Generation of Singaporean who got their “Pioneer Card” Stupidly never learnt but even the “Educated and Well Travelled” one who just busy with what they wanted and you guys ALL are SELFISH Bunch of Singaporean.

    and they (Foreign Telent & New Citizen) are just draining out the damn moneies & Reserve out of our Fore-Father SWEAT and without even going to WAR and a “BULLET” fired from the Rifles in just seconds we are back to 3rd WORLD and “Thank you Singaporean both Old & Younger generation.

    PURE…STUPIDITY……Now Lee Hsien Yang understand how we felt being CONTROLLER by the PAP like…..

  10. the problem with my Fellow Singaporean they are just either Naive or STUPID and knowingly that our forefather wanted the best for us ? What Happens NOW:
    1. Water INCREASE 20-30 % slowly and gradually and thus is their way to OFFSET for their plan to increase in GST
    2. Your HDB or so Called “Public Housing” is costing a HUGE amount and your damn Salary does not even cover much except combine INCOME thus even reminding you the MINIMUM Sum CPF and back the Facts you as good as paying 3-4 times to Foil to build a New Apartment in other parts of the 1-3rd WORLD and bottom line 99 years with “ZERO” value if you happen to be a 4-5 or 8 tenant to a Resales Flat.
    3. Altermately YOUR stupid Idea that “No One except the PAP can RULE or knows How to rule Singapore complex economic” BULL-SHIT…..Look around you especially those who are more Well educated and well travel then myself….for SECURITY reason and feeling Safe you ALL compromise COST of Living affect your other Poor or under-educated Singapore to POVERTY and relie on Hand-out or Financial Assistance at the Mercy of those HUNGRY Monger New Group of Minister and MP and RC who just “Co-operation and SUCKING every Penny from you ALL indirect via GST/Taxes/Water-Tax/S & C Increases Non-STOP and Tax above Tax….CRAZY Nut Bell Singaporean and Self-Centre ONE.
    4. Look even traditional jobs are replace with machine in Super-Market like NTUC & Shiong-Sheong with Scanning and receiving and payment by Cash Nets thus Packing yourself yet still paying for “GOODS & SERVICES TAXES” when these could have been done on lower educated children/adult or even elderly Singaporean. BUT WAKE-UP you damn Singaporean if there is not ob for your due to not just these but Foreign Talent that both replaces you and YOU Damn well face the Damn Facts your House basic Bills like SP Service Electrical Water) $$$ and your S & C is $$$ and your Toilet Paper in Total this 2 items could cost you SGD$250-300 dollars a month excluding your Damn Food and Toilet Paper or Underwear…You are either OLD or Young and this have the damn effect on your SHIT life and a Propblem to your CHILDREN as they too have their set of Problem.
    SO you bloody HELL wake up and think again your BASIC COST SGD4250-300 and is a Monthly cost excluding other items of SURVIVAL OK… Think before you all make Natural Singaporean “EXTINCT” understand.
    I’m not poking any FIRE but ask yourself these question and think of your Damn Generation ahead…..

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