9-year-old with massive cancerous tumour needs immediate surgery; desperate family appeals for help


A 9-year-old girl, Jesty, suffering from a massive cancerous tumour was transferred to Singapore’s KK Women’s and Children’s Hospital after hospitals in her native Batam, Indonesia weren’t able to treat her.

The child, whose left knee has ballooned out of proportion and shape, needs to undergo an immediate operation which is expected to be complicated due to the size of the tumour. On top of this, it has been discovered that the cancer has been spreading to Jesty’s lungs as well.

Jesty’s medical bill is expected to be upwards of S$250,000. Her parents, who are middle-income earners, do not have access to medical subsidies since they are foreigners. They are thus appealing for funds so that Jesty can undergo the crucial operation as soon as possible.

A member of GIVE.asia has begun an online campaign to raise funds for Jesty’s treatment. Donors have given S$41,444 so far. A campaign organiser, Carolina Lau, said that they hope to raise a total of S$250,000 for Jesty.

Lau assured that all funds raised will go towards paying for Jesty’s medical bills and that the funds will be relayed directly to the hospital by GIVE.asia.

To give, visit: https://give.asia/story/urgent_help_for_jestys_medical_treatment


  1. Why do these people come to Singapore to appeal for donations?

    Our medical fees are exorbitant according to our own citizens who says they can hardly afford it!

    Are we living in a country with an imperfect system that is actually heavenly to outsiders, which our own citizens do not realize nor appreciate and yet complain everyday!?

    • I am not so concerned about whether the photo or story is real, but the increasing frequency/number of foreigners approaching Sgreans to crowdfund medical treatment for their relatives in SG w/o considering seeking more affordable treatment in their home countries.

  2. As these are foreigners, donate with care. Make sure the fund goes solely to the child’s med & hospital bills! Another question, has their parents used up all other resources?
    Sorry too many scammers these days! Don’t misuse these crowdfunding platforms till no one believe in it, the real needy suffer!